Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday [Week 4- Tale of two flip-flops]

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Linking with Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy for WIWW!  I totally missed last week for lack of pictures... I didn't do much better this week other than I got in two photos, Yay!
pleated poppy

Sunglasses- Target
Green Tank- Gap
Grey Shorts- Walmart (boo!)
Flip Flops- Viva Las Vegas, Yup, bought them at NYNY Casino Gift Shop  (very inexpensive, but so comfy and have lasted two years, Cobian)

Dress- A skirt, actually, from Old Navy for like $4 on clearance last summer.
Flip Flops: Juicy Couture - - - Let me tell you about these:

I went to Vegas for a girls' weekend with my Mother-In-Law and my Husband's cousin, for her 21st b-day, when I was first pregnant with our youngest daughter. 

 Yeah, about that, found out I was preg after we planned on Vegas! Doh! *wink* It's all good though.

Anyway... we did a ton of walking around and the shoes I was wearing were killing my feet.  As we are walking through the Shoppes at Caesar's Palace, we pass Juicy Couture.  Now, I'm not typically one to buy for name brand, well... not as Name Brand as Juicy... but I had done well at video poker and my winnings were burning a whole in my purse!  I bought these flip-flops; they were SO comfy on my sore feet, I had to have them.  The. most. I. have. EVER. spent. on flip-flops.... Ever!  I wore them all afternoon, bliss.  Get back to the hotel... dirty, nasty, bliss. Do those words even belong together in the same sentence?  The streets of Vegas are uber gross!  I did a decent job of cleaning them up and brought them home.

Once home I unpack my new, expensive, Juicy Flip Flops and put them in the closet.. away from my daughter, who was 5 at the time, and Marilyn, our Boston Terrier, though, not known for shoe chewing... I was taking no chances.  I pull them out the next day and DUN, DUN, DUN... The heel of EACH expensive Juicy Couture Flip Flop has tons and tons of teeth marks. . .Jack Bauer, my panther-of-a-black-cat had chewed the heck outta my Juicy flip flops! UGH!!!  JACK!!!!

Needless to say, I continue to wear them on occasion because I REFUSE to throw the darn things away.
And, I will NEVER pay that much for flip-flops again... Never. Ever.
(They do have super cute little gold Scottie dog charms on them. *wink*)

XxOo~ Melissa


  1. I love the green tank! What a bummer about the Juicy flip flops - DOGS!! :(

  2. That tank from Gap is fabulous! Go Dawgs!

  3. You look adorable! Your clothes are cute and "hip" which is better than my boring ones, lol!

    Oh, LOVE your cat's name! Too cute.

  4. That skirt/dress is SUPER CUTE! And how great that it can be both! I LOVE finding stuff on Old Navy's clearance rack ;)

  5. LOVE you flip flop story....I would have done the same thing - calling them necessary b/c of hte pregnancy!


  6. Your outfits are super cute! I have a few pieces of clothing like your flip flops!

  7. Love your first casual outfit and that green tank top!. And you look beautiful in that dress!

    What is it about flip flops (shoes in general) that dogs love?? lol :)

  8. ha! you are too funny!!! :)


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