Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What I Wore... [$10 Jeans, It's True!]

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Okay, as usual just one picture... Linking up with WIWW at The Pleated Poppy and "Real Momma, Real Style"

I went jeans shopping the other day, I really was in need of a new pair.
I tried on several pairs of skinny jeans, after swearing them off.
After the 10th pair I was feeling rather depressed and reminded myself over and over again why I will never wear skinny jeans... they just aren't for me, though I think the style is cute with big sweaters and boots and all.
I also can't justify buying new boots right now, with it being in the 70's and such.

SO, after a day of shopping, on a whim I said "lets just look in Rue21", Afterall, I purchased a pair of jeans there last year and they are my favorites... why it takes all day for me to remember this, I can't recall. *wink*.

I go into Rue21, find almost the exact jeans I already own and walk up to the checkout counter.....

"All jeans are buy one, get on 50% off... did you want to get another pair?" The lady at checkout says

Why, YES! Yes, I would love another pair of jeans for... TEN BUCKS!

And so, here are my $10 jeans....

Sunglasses [TJ Maxx]
Sweater *new* [Target... on Sale!]
Organic Cotton Ruffle Scarf *new* [SoChick!]
Jeans *new*[TEN BUCKS Rue21]
Gray Flats [Walmart, a long time ago]

I really love this outfit, and that my husband complimented me on how nice it looked. Awwww. 

P.S.- I would love for you to follow my SoChick Facebook Page... I have something exciting planned for this weekend and will be announcing it tomorrow!

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XxOo~ Melissa


  1. I can see why your husband complimented you - you look so cute! Your ruffly SoChick scarf is adorable!!

    I already follow your page, so I'm looking forward to your announcement:)

  2. I love your scarf~! Very Pretty! I'm visiting from The Pleated Poppy WIW...oh and guess what? I'm your 100th follower via GFC! :)
    ~Lisa @


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