Wednesday, March 7, 2012

[Featured Site] Fairly Fabulous Crafting Slumber Party!

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Okay, seriously, how super exciting does the title of this post even sound?! If your answer was "VERY super exciting", you're right!! 
When Meagan, from Fairly Fabulous, contacted me about sponsoring this event, I couldn't possibly say no; with help from Alyson, of Eisley Rae, this Crafting Slumber party is going to be Fabulously Fun!

Check out the site for more info:

Fairly Fabulous Crafting Slumber Party

While I wish I could make it out to the Southern Cali Desert, I'm going to have to settle with sending some swag for the Chicks who will be attending!  Meagan and Alyson are great blogging/twitter friends, not to mention very crafty chicks, so I'm more than happy to help out and wish them lots and lots of luck with their Fairly Fabulous Event!! 

Registration is now open, what are you waiting for?!

XxOo~ Melissa


  1. Thank you SO much for sharing our event with your readers. AND, for providing some fabulous swag! We wish you could make it. Thanks for this awesome post!!

  2. I'm currently lusting after Urban Cowgirl's Urban Chicks for moda!


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