Friday, July 29, 2011

Fabulous Fabric Friday #7 [Heirloom]

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Happy Friday!!  I've mentioned how I go about Fabulous Fabric Friday (here) and made a Call to Fabric lovers (here), but as a quick recap... Fab. Fab. Friday is my way, as a lover of fabric, to browse, become inspired by and drool over fabulous fabric!

I check out my fav online shops (ex. here and here), I also search blog recaps of Quilt Market (ex. here) and I'll browse Etsy, and Pinterest for inspiration.

Through my Etsy travels this week I stumbled upon this shop and this fabric:

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

Let the drooling and ogling begin!

This weeks Fabulous Fabric is Joel Dewberry's Heirloom in Citrine.  (You can see all of the colorways here.)

I love the color combination of the coral/tangerine, light aqua, and the soft yellows.  From what I read, this line was debuted in March at Spring Quilt Market and was available late June/early July in shops. **Please correct me if I'm wrong!

Of course I think of all the pretty Daisy Handbags and Perfectly Pleated Pouches I could make... but I also love this dress:
Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

And, I can see fun throw pillows and pillowcases and maybe a quilt to match!

I may have to add some of this to my stash, but also I can't wait for it to get out to other crafters and sewers so that I can ogle what they've created with it! I love doing that, too!

Have a Fabulous Friday and great weekend!  I'm heading home this weekend so I won't be posting, but be sure to check in on Monday when this chick (me) gets personal! *wink*

XxOo~ Melissa

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Inspiration Workshop [Week 9: The Beach]

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"There's a place, where the boat leaves from
It takes away all of your big problems
You got worries you can drop them in the blue ocean
But you gotta get away to where the boat leaves from."
~Zac Brown Band

Linking up with Gussy Sews' Inspiration Workshop again!
This week's prompt...Eeep! I ♥ it!:
The Beach
Growing up I would visit my Mom in VA Beach every summer, I also went to Long Beach Island, NJ with my family for several summers.  Now, every year we vacation with my husband's family at Fripp Island, SC (sometimes visiting more than once, even if it's for a long weekend), and we live 15miles from the Atlantic Ocean... bliss.

Some folks love a lake, some folks love a river... for me, though, it doesn't get any better than that big blue ocean!
Fripp Island, SC
Both of my little chick-a-dees are beach bums having grown up on the beach.

My chickies at Fripp Island, SC

Fort Macon State Park, SOBX, NC

This is from my BB last week, can you see why it's called the Crystal Coast?
The smell of the salt air, and the pluff mud in the lowcountry marshes of SC, are enough to melt my worries away... the sea breeze and crashing waves don't hurt either!

I can't wait to read your beach inspiration posts!
Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

~Facebook-200-Fans-Milestone~ GiveAway Wrap-Up:

I have to start by again saying Thank You, Thank You! to all of you who are fans of SoChick on facebook, my blog and tiwtter as well... you are all so amazingly kind in your words to me and I look forward to hearing your thoughts, reading your comments, and chatting with you.

Via a drawing on, the Winner of this GiveAway is:
Jayme K who said,
 "I'm a new fan! Awesome stuff!!"
Thank you Jayme!

Thank you to everyone who participated and Congrats to Jayme for winning the Mini-Tote and Ribbon Bloom Pin! *woot!*

XxOo~ Melissa

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday [What We Wore...Vacation Edition]

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Linking up with Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy for WIWW.. this is my Vacation Edition.

  I've been totally slack in posting these past few weeks because of my kids being on vacation, and now I'm on 'vacation' with the kids... next week we'll be back home and hopefully back on schedule so I will have much better photo ops... if taking my self picture counts as a photo op... either way, you get what I'm sayin'!

Let's start with my bummin' it look of no make-up, cut-offs and my pink UGA Tee... which I love, by the way, GO DAWGS! (I'm pretty sure we have 6 Saturdays left till College Football Season... woot!)

My 8yr old cut off my feet/legs, but I was wearing my Cobians with my new pink pedi.

We're also spending some quality time at the Pool... I decided to spare myself the tankini pictures, but my kids are way adorable in their suits:
Natalie's suit is Old Navy
Hat: from Costco and has 98% UV protection
Shades: Gymboree

Trista's suit: Sears, on sale, woo hoo! My toes match the pink, seriously!
I also used tips from ScatterGirls to snap this mid-air cannonball picture... with my Camera's Sport setting *wink*

Trista's coverup is from Costco and my Shades are Target... from forever ago.

Last but not least... here is one of my most favorite t-shirts, that I picked up a few summers ago, from a little shop in Emerald Isle, NC called Flip-Flops (as you can imagine, I love that shop name, too.)

I wore this with one of my Old Navy Minis that I showed off here.

pleated poppy

As soon as I return home, I'm going to get really busy with sewing and such as I plan for fall... more about that, soon!
I hope you are all having a fantastic week and thanks for stopping by!  

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XxOo~ Melissa

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Facebook Milestone:~ 200 Fans! ~[ A GiveAway! ]

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 I always love setting goals, reaching milestones and rewarding myself... in this case, I set a goal, you helped me reach it, and so, I am rewarding You, the SoChick Facebook Fans!!

To celebrate reaching 200 Facebook Fans, I am giving away this SoChick Mini-Tote in Seaglass, with a pretty ribbon bloom accent pin!  This pretty pin is a perfect accent for your Mini-Tote, but also a great way to accessorize yourself! (Pin it to a headband, your shirt, a cardigan perhaps?)

Mini-Tote in Seaglass ($25 Value)

Ribbon Bloom pin ($8 Value)


How to Enter!

Mandatory Entry:
Be a Facebook Fan and leave a comment here telling me that you are!

Additional Entries (leave a comment for each):
~Share SoChick on Facebook
~Follow my blog
~Tweet about this GiveAway, include a link to the tweet in your comment entry.
~Share the permalink to this post on your Blog (leave the link to that post in your comment entry.)

This GiveAway will run through Wed., July 27th at 8pm EST, the winner will be announced in a blog post on Thursday, July 28th with my Inspiration Workshop Post.

Good Luck and THANK YOU!!!


XxOo ~Melissa

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Weekend Stitchin' [ My Faux Quilt Tutorial! ]

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Faux Quilt-In-A-Day: 
A Fun and Free Tutorial!

The actual definition of a "Quilt" is to sew two pieces of material together with a soft interlining.  In this is easy-peasy version, we are only using a fleece blanket and some yardage of quilting cotton... that's why i'm calling it "Faux". 

This project came about after I lengthened some curtains for my friend's son's room.  She had a twin-sized fleece Martha Stewart blanket and asked if I could do anything with it and the fabric from the curtains... an idea was born.

Materials Used:

1- Twin Sized Martha Stewart Microfleece blanket
(any twin blanket measuring 66 x 90inches)
3 Yards Fabric A
1 Yard Fabric B
Thread to match your fabric and bobbin thread to match your fleece blanket!

Cutting the fabric... I used 13 x 13 inch squares for the topper.

Fabric A: Cut 24 Squares (Camo Print)
Fabric B: Cut 4 Squares (Airplane Print)

Let's get stitchin'!

With Fabric A: Take two blocks and place Right Sides Together (RST).  Stitch along the side using a 1/4in seam allowance; this will be the seam allowance for all of the blocks.  Be sure to back stitch on the first and last blocks of the row about 1/2in from the inner edge,  this will allow for neat corners later on when we are pressing the top outer band. (See Image)
Continue in this manner until you have 5 blocks of fabric A stitched together.  Repeat with the next 5 blocks of Fabric A, so that you have two 5-block strips of Fabric A that are stitched Side-to-Side. These strips are the sides of our outer quilt top.

Next, take two blocks of Fabric A and rotate one of the blocks so that the print, if using printed fabric as I did in the Photo, is upside down, now place blocks RST; stitch along the top/bottom edge of the squares (See above image). Continue stitching Top-to-Bottom until you have 5 blocks stitched together, remembering to back-stitch 1/2 in from inner edge on first and last blocks in the row.  Repeat with another 5 blocks so that you have two 5-block strips of Fabric A that have been stitched Top-to-Bottom.  These strips will be the top and bottom of our outer quilt top.

Lay out your strips to make up the outer quilt top.
Fold under the long edges 1/2in, as shown in Yellow, above, and press .  This will leave one unfolded edge on the corner blocks where we left the 1/2in back-stitched gap previously. Stitch the Corner blocks together, sown above in GREEN, Top-to-Bottom to join all strips creating the outer Quilt top.

Lets make the inner Quilt top:

Take 2 Fabric A squares, place RST and stitch side-to-side with 1/4in seam allowance.  Repeat with remaining Fabric A pieces.  Using Fabric B, do the same.  You will now have 4 two-block strips, 2 of Fabric A and 2 of Fabric B. Placing RST and making sure aligned, stitch the strips top-to-bottom to create the inner Quilt Top piece.  Fold the edges under 1/2in and press. (See above image).

Lay both pieces out on your fleece blanket making sure evenly aligned on all edges and pin.

Using your machine's blanket stitch, stitch along all pinned edges.  You may need to use a reversed blanket stitch for the inner edge of the outer band.

Once both pieces are stitched onto the fleece blanket you will use the stitch-in-the-ditch method of quilting, to do a straight stitch between each of the squares.  Note: In the below image you can see the underside of the fleece blanket and how the stitches blend in since I used matching bobbin thread. *wink*

Once you've gone through each of your blocks, you're Faux Quilt is ready to go!

This is my first Tutorial, I'd love Feedback if you try it and because I know there is always room for improvement, Constructive Criticism is also welcome! 

Have a GREAT Weekend!!

XxOo~ Melissa

Friday, July 22, 2011

Fabulous Fabric Friday #6 [Olive Rose by Valori Wells]

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I am down in Georgia for the next two weeks staying with my Mother-In-Law, who is partly responsible for the push I needed to get into sewing in the first place.  My girls have been down for a week already!

My MIL and I always talk about our fabric finds and share sewing stories; it's great to have someone to share that stuff with who actually appreciates it! (A big reason why I enjoy doing these Fab. Fab. Friday posts!)  A while back she and I talked about her trip to a fabric store that was having a huge sale and the fabric she picked up while there.

Now that I'm down here and able to see the fabric in person... I'm in love!  This is an older line by Valori Wells, released in March 2008 for Free Spirit Fabrics, called Olive Rose.  It was originally inspired by the designer's daughter Olivia Rose, and features the designer's take on the timeless rose pattern.  'The prints mix geometric and organic forms to bring you a truly romantic, bold, contemporary approach to a classic flower', said The Jolly Jabber about the line back in May of 2008.

The colorway my MIL picked up, and that I've fallen for, is Topaz...
I'm crazy about these blues!

Little Roses

Floral Diamond

Love, LOVE, the pairing with Grey... Very Chic.

Wild Roses
 Although it's been around for a bit, it's always great to share Fabulous Fabric Finds... I can totally see some pretty totes using these fabrics... now to search for some for my own stash!

Do You know of some Fabulous Fabrics?  Want me to feature them for Fab. Fab. Friday?  Check out my CALL TO FABRIC LOVERS and e-mail me your Finds: FabFabric[at]SoChickHandbags[dot]com

Hoping to share a fun Weekend Project with you tomorrow... be sure to stop by!  Have a Fabulous Friday!!

XxOo~ Melissa

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Inspiration Workshop [Week 8: Fail]

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I'm away on vacation this week and while I'm normally linking up with Gussy Sews' Inspiration Workshop, today I missed my post... head over to her site to see everyone's Inspirational Posts... it was a free prompt this week: Your Inspiration... What Inspires You?
Maggie Whitley Gussy Sews

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XxOo~ Melissa

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Natural Beauty

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Yet again, I have taken no pictures of myself this week.  I dressed decently, but with my girls on vacation I was locked away in my studio getting stuff sewn and prepping for the craft fair from this past weekend.  So, in lieu of WIWW, I am sharing this picture with you:

Hubby and I were on the porch one evening last week and we looked up to see this beautiful rainbow-like cloud bursting out over some darker clouds. It didn't last long, actually, it started to go away as I went to grab the camera. (See how there's that dark space to the right of the rainbow?)  It dissolved away and I was happy when I reviewed the pictures to see that I had caught at least one on camera!

In our busy daily lives its so nice to sit and just take in the Natural Beauty around us; this world is a beautiful place when you slow down and see it for that it is.

Did you Enter the So Chick Give Away on HiYaLuv?

XxOo~ Melissa

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

SoChick Product Feature [The Perfectly Pleated Pouch is back!]

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  When I first released the Perfectly Pleated Pouch, it was well received.  Well, it's baaaaack!
I tweaked it a bit by adding fleece interlining to not only make it nice and squishy, but it now stands well on it's own, without sacrificing room for your stuff.  Yay, Stuff!  

The Perfectly Pleated Pouch:
This pouch is perfect for home or travel... keep your makeup in it on your vanity (it's pretty enough to leave out!), it's the perfect size for traveling because it fits all the little necessities you need in your carry-on, and I love tossing it in a larger tote (or diaper bag) as a way to keep smaller things together so I don't need to dig for them later! Yay for organization!

Each pouch is OOAK (one-of-a-kind)!

Perfectly pleated, Everyday Chic, So Chick!
  The Perfectly Pleated Pouch is now in the shop... Check it out!

The next new item happened by chance... I was trying out some smaller sized zippered wallets and made one I kind-of sort-of liked... then I let it sit around my studio for weeks.  Recently, I picked it up and thought 'I need to try this out.' (Note: Another fun part of making new items is testing them out... ).  So, I put my id and bank cards in the little card sleeves, stuck in my cell and some lip gloss.  I loved how easy it was to carry around... I'm actually still using it.  But, as I often do, I decided it could use a little more room... so I added half-an-inch to my pattern and...


The Zipped Clutch:

This little clutch is 9inches long and 4.5 inches high, making it a great size as an everyday wallet that you can carry on it's own or put in your handbag, tote, whichever. Each Zipped Clutch is OOAK and features chic and feminine embellishments... great for adding some pretty to your day, Everyday!

It holds all of the essentials!
Yes, lip gloss is 'essential', whomever told you it isn't... well... they lied. *wink*
   The Zipped Clutch is now available in the shop and new styles will be added.... Check It Out!

Want a chance to WIN a matching 
So Chick! Perfectly Pleated Pouch & Zipped Clutch Set?!

Gina, over at HiYa Luv has a Give-Away going on NOW!!  Go Enter!!!

XxOo~ Melissa

Monday, July 18, 2011

My Weekend Wrap-up [A Craft Fair & Other News]

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Happy Monday!  I hope your weekend was fantastic, mine was!

Saturday I attended a craft fair at a Church up the road from my house, this same church is host to my daughter's Girl Scout Troop for their meeting place.  It was great to attend their first ever craft fair!

I shared a space with my friend Tiana of Tiana's Unique Designs.  Tiana makes beautiful handcrafted jewelry... I shared her with you here.

Here are some shots of our craft fair set up:
Our display: Handbags and Jewelry... Accessorize, ladies!
I loved our turquoise and sand color combo.. Coastal Chic.

It was great how our items complimented each other!
This craft fair was an awesome way to get out and about in the community.  I always have a great time meeting new people and mingling... I'm all about chatting it up!  And, I must mention... the folks at the church had helpers at the ready to assist in unloading our cars in the AM and loading them back up in the PM... How Awesome, Right?!  A HUGE Thank You to them!!

I was also able to share some info about #SetUpShop, which was started by Gina, of HiYaLuv, as a Twitter chat (held every Monday at 8pm EST) and has grown into a Blog where you can connect and engage with other handmade business owners.

Speaking of HiYaLuv... check out Gina's site tomorrow (Tuesday)  for a chance to WIN a One of a Kind So Chick! Accessory Set, as part of Gina's B-day Celebration week!  In other words... a Give-Away! Woot!

Remember when I said the Perfectly Pleated Pouch would return?  Well, be sure to stop by tomorrow for a So Chick! Handbags New Product Feature, have a great day!

XxOo~ Melissa

Friday, July 15, 2011

Fabulous Fabric Friday #5 [Chevrons & Calling All Fabric Lovers!]

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Welcome to this week's Fabulous Fabric Friday!
Chevrons, zigzag, whatever you want to call 'em... I'm seeing it everywhere and am totally hooked!
So fun and fresh, with great eye catching colors... you will see some Chevron love in the SoChick Shop in the near future!

If these colors don't make you happy, well, sorry.. I love them!! A prefect mix of sunshine poolside, no?!

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

Chevrons are such a happy, put-a-smile-on-your-face, bold print...  I think that's why I'm so drawn to it.  Even in darker colors, black/white, hunter/white, navy/white so fresh (yet classic and timeless), always fun:

Okay, here's the deal.  I want to try something new for Fab. Fab. Fridays, so let's see how it works...

When I started Fab. Fab. Friday a few posts back the idea was to post about my fabulous fabric finds, either fabrics I've used, would like to use, or just adore for their uniqueness, prettiness, etc.  Well, then it hit me... why not feature fabrics that other's love, too? I mean, if you're reading this blog you have some sort of appreciation for handmade, right? And, I'm willing to bet you either sew or craft for hobby or your own Handmade biz, riiiight?!

Well, here is my...

Official Call to Fabric Lovers!!

Do you know of some Fabulous Fabric?
This can be anything you have sewn/crafted with, would like to work with, or that you just love drooling over.   Try not to be too broad in saying 'I love all cotton'.  Most of us love cotton... heck, it's 'the fabric of our lives' and pretty much all I work with. *wink*.  I want to hear about a fabulous print, fabric line, designer. etc., that you think is Fabulous!

What makes this fabric Fabulous?
Tell me why you think this particular fabric is fabulous!  
Have you used it in a project? How and/or on what?  Is it out-of-print? Rare, unusual?

I'm always up for hearing creative uses, too! Did you frame it or showcase it somehow?  Are you hoarding it away for safekeeping because you can't bring yourself to get rid of it? Hey, it's totally okay if you have a prized piece of fabulous fabric stored for safekeeping, I do! (... confession of a fabricaholic.)

Send me an e-mail: 

Answer the above questions and include a picture or direct link to the Fabulous Fabric.  Please be sure to give proper photo credit if the pictures aren't your own.  Pinterest is great for this!
If you have a blog, include that in the e-mail as well... even better, do you have a blog post that features said Fab. Fabric? I want to see that, too!

The Plan:
Each week I will select a Fabulous Fabric from the e-mailed entries
 and feature it for Fabulous Fabric Friday!

I figure this is a great way to see and share fabrics I may have otherwise overlooked or not been exposed to... plus, I love seeing/hearing everyone else's thoughts on fabric, too!

I really think this will make for some awesome Fabulous Fabric Friday posts... so, get your Fabulous Fabric finds ready and e-mail away!

XxOo~ Melissa

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Inspiration Workshop [Week 7: Sunshine]

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Linking again with Gussy Sews for Inspiration Workshop # 7!  This week's prompt was Sunshine.
Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

I could have put a picture of the beach, since we live so close and love it... but the first thing that came to mind was the chorus of this song:

You are my Sunshine,
 my only Sunshine.
You make me happy, 
when skies are grey.
You'll never know dear, 
how much I love you.
Please don't take
my Sunshine away.
-Doris Day

I swear my Nan sang it to me a time or two when I was little, to put me to sleep... I for sure would sing it for Trista, when she was first born... and still do.

This is my Sunshine Inspiration... my little chickies. :-)


*Note: I sing to Natalie, too, but her song is 'Twinkle Little Star' *wink*

If you are a lover of fabric, be sure to come by tomorrow to check out my new spin for Fabulous Fabric Friday!

XxOo~ Melissa

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday [Week 4- Tale of two flip-flops]

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Linking with Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy for WIWW!  I totally missed last week for lack of pictures... I didn't do much better this week other than I got in two photos, Yay!
pleated poppy

Sunglasses- Target
Green Tank- Gap
Grey Shorts- Walmart (boo!)
Flip Flops- Viva Las Vegas, Yup, bought them at NYNY Casino Gift Shop  (very inexpensive, but so comfy and have lasted two years, Cobian)

Dress- A skirt, actually, from Old Navy for like $4 on clearance last summer.
Flip Flops: Juicy Couture - - - Let me tell you about these:

I went to Vegas for a girls' weekend with my Mother-In-Law and my Husband's cousin, for her 21st b-day, when I was first pregnant with our youngest daughter. 

 Yeah, about that, found out I was preg after we planned on Vegas! Doh! *wink* It's all good though.

Anyway... we did a ton of walking around and the shoes I was wearing were killing my feet.  As we are walking through the Shoppes at Caesar's Palace, we pass Juicy Couture.  Now, I'm not typically one to buy for name brand, well... not as Name Brand as Juicy... but I had done well at video poker and my winnings were burning a whole in my purse!  I bought these flip-flops; they were SO comfy on my sore feet, I had to have them.  The. most. I. have. EVER. spent. on flip-flops.... Ever!  I wore them all afternoon, bliss.  Get back to the hotel... dirty, nasty, bliss. Do those words even belong together in the same sentence?  The streets of Vegas are uber gross!  I did a decent job of cleaning them up and brought them home.

Once home I unpack my new, expensive, Juicy Flip Flops and put them in the closet.. away from my daughter, who was 5 at the time, and Marilyn, our Boston Terrier, though, not known for shoe chewing... I was taking no chances.  I pull them out the next day and DUN, DUN, DUN... The heel of EACH expensive Juicy Couture Flip Flop has tons and tons of teeth marks. . .Jack Bauer, my panther-of-a-black-cat had chewed the heck outta my Juicy flip flops! UGH!!!  JACK!!!!

Needless to say, I continue to wear them on occasion because I REFUSE to throw the darn things away.
And, I will NEVER pay that much for flip-flops again... Never. Ever.
(They do have super cute little gold Scottie dog charms on them. *wink*)

XxOo~ Melissa

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Little Backyard Makeover [DIY]

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 We own a townhouse, our back yard is super small... but large enough for us to enjoy... and what better way to get enjoyment than by making it look pretty.  Earlier in the spring I shared my blooming garden with you, here.  In that post I mentioned digging a trench around the yard for a little make-over.  Unfortunately, I didn't think to take before pictures, so here's the early project pictures:

That cross-bar on the fence is the gate, I wanted the walkway to be larger so you didn't feel like there was no way around the grill... also, I wanted a place off of the patio to put the grill.

I used the garden hose to mark where I wanted my trench to go, then I used a flat shovel to start digging the trench... then needed to pull up the grass in the area I marked.  The ground back here is super hard and the grass is ridiculous, I had a time getting the grass out.  I actually left clippings along the back fence for a few weeks and was able to rake up most of that grass without it being too labor intensive.

I already have a potted hydrangea and decided to add two more to the side of the yard that receives the most shade.  I seriously believe that Hydrangeas are the quintessential plant of the Southern Garden... and I'm all about Southern Gardens!

I had some dwarf mondo grass linging the initial walkway into the back yard, but with direct sunlight most of the day, they were not thriving... I dug them up, divided what I needed to and used them as the border in front of the hydrangea bed.   

Out the back door, to the left, is the side of the yard that gets the most sun; I planted some sort of lilies here.  I'm not too sure of what kind they are, my friend and neighbor divided a huge bunch of them from the front of her yard and was kind enough to share the wealth... she doesn't know much about them either, ha.  We'll see if they bloom... it'll be a surprise. 

Between the Lilies I planted another 'unknown', well, let me clarify... I have no idea what it's called, but my Stepmom could tell you, they are from her yard... yet another divided plant, they are green and spikey, sort of look like spider plants, but aren't.. Are you seeing my theme? Easy-Peasy-plants-that-make-more-of-themselves. *wink*

I was able to rake out the dead grass along the back of the yard, after putting it off for weeks... I planted some more Stella D'Oro daylilies and three Vincas.  All of these plants are perennials that come back year-after-year and can be divided once they are large enough.  The idea being I can fill in the gaps between the plants just by splitting up the plants I currently have... cost-effective-easy-gardening right there, folks.

Once the plants were in the ground I went around with some Scot's Black Mulch, which I wasn't too excited about when my husband brought it home from The Home Depot, mostly because it's more expensive($5/bag) than the cheaper, dark brown, pine mulch ($3/bag), but once I got it down I was in love.

Here's the finished yard, left-to-right:

I used more of the 'unnamed' greenery to line the river pebble walk, which is now home to the grill.
Just this little bit of extra river pebble walkway really makes our patio live larger... not too large, but more so than before, ha.

The dwarf mondo grass is awesome, I really like it in a shade border. 

This double knock-out rose is potted with Vinca Vines... I love the way it turned out and now it is blooming and looks very happy in this corner of the yard. 

Can you see why I love the black mulch? Look at those flowers Pop against the black... they are so vivid, its beautiful!  I'm loving the yellow and hot pink combo of the Stella D'Oro and Vincas. 

That green pole is remnants of a Topsy Turvy Tree.. I've got some morning glory seeds planted below... we'll see what they do.  I may just put some twine down for them to climb and trash that frame.  I have since trashed the plastic tray on there. 

I put my daughters' little crazy daisy sprinkler out in the yard twice a week, if it's not rained, to water everything...  The grass is getting so lush and green and all of the plants are thriving.  It's so nice sitting out and enjoying our little back yard... especially since the whole re-do came in at just $50! Woot!

$50 bought me:
~2 large bags of Miracle Grow garden soil
~1 small bag of  Miracle Grow potting soil
 ~2 bags of Scot's Moisture Control black mulch
 ~6 bags of river pebbles
~2 Stella D'Oro Daylilies
~2 Hot Pink Vincas (I split one to make three)
 ~2 Vinca Vines (potted with the rose I already had)
~2 Endless Summer Hydrangeas

I hope you enjoyed my little back yard makeover. :-)

Be sure to stop back by tomorrow for this week's What I Wore Wednesday post!

XxOo~ Melissa
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