Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Quilting Daydreams

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I'm a closet quilter. Maybe that's not the right term, since it's not like I hide my quilting from the world... It's mostly that I don't do much of it... But daydream about doing it often. There are quite a few things that I would like to one day quilt. So much inspires me that I even started a Pinterest board for it, here.

There are quite a few places where I become inspired, but mostly am in awe of the talent and skill that I find. Here are a few blogs, books, and folks, who inspire me to want to quilt more...

Crazy Quilty Girl- Lisa is a hoot, one of my 'Tweeps' on Twitter and a kick-butt longarm quilter!
TULA pink- She's a rad fabric designer and I love her book Quilts from the House of Tula Pink

Diary of a Quilter - You have to check out the Ombre Quilts in this post! LOVE THEM!  I enjoy Amy's posts and recently started following her on Pinterest.
Fresh Lemons Quilts- Bright, modern quilting... I heart it... so much inspiration.
Stitchery Dickory Dock- Amy is the instructor of the Free Craftsy BOM that I'm doing, but also an awesome sewist, check out her fabulous work!

Here are some of my quilty accomplishments:
Baby quilt
Start of lap quilt- I have actually finished this quilt top, but I still need to quilt it, yikes!
Craftsy BOMs
Quilted Pouch for my 9yr old's b-day

My Attempt at Free Motion Quilting (on the pouch) for a Swap with a twitter friend:

Do you quilt? Do you enjoy something that you wish you had more time for or find yourself daydreaming about?

Leave a comment, I'd love to know!

XxOo~ Melissa


  1. My aunt is a quilter, OH does she have talent! I wish a tiny bit of her quilty goodness had fallen down the apple tree to me. I'm too chicken to try. I know my work won't be anywhere as amazing as hers!

  2. I am definitely a quilter - I daydream about having the time for more clothes sewing for my little girl :)

  3. I'm just now getting into quilting. It started because I wanted to use up fabric scraps and then I realized how awesome modern quilts are. I've never done an actual quilt but I've made a bunch of hot pads for the kitchen, some messenger-style pouches and some pillow covers.

    I'm rarely one to follow patterns so am slowly figuring everything out through trial and error.

    I find myself daydreaming of quilting, other sewing, knitting and gardening.

    1. You will love some of the links above, I'm really into colorful modern quilts, too... I also like when it's a modern twist on a traditional pattern. :-)

  4. Hey Melissa! I was wondering if you're in a quilt block swap? I really want to do one but haven't found any. Any suggestions???

    1. Hi Traci!
      I am not in any, but I have come across quite a few.. I'll email you! ;-)


    2. thank you!!!


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