Friday, August 17, 2012

Random Updates {Family & Business}

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Friday already?!  I know, I know... "Yay, Friday!"  But that's hard to do when I feel like I still have so much to do.

Last week was super productive, and while this week was productive, too (in it's own way), I feel like I still have a ton to do, work-wise.  So, here is a list of what I did accomplish this week:

-I'm 12 miles into my #42MilesinAugust goal.  I'm confident that I can meet the goal by the end of the month... even though I had a few rain-outs.

-I embroidered and sewed some more custom grips bags for my oldest Chickie's gym/teammates.  This is my way of fundraising for the various fees and such involved with her Compulsory Gymnastics.  The bags look awesome and save the girls from losing their things at practice and meets.

-Speaking of meets, my chick has a mock meet today to start gearing up for her first competitive season of Compulsory Gymnastics... exciting!

- I made an embroidery design which I will be listing for sale... more about that early next week.

- School supply shopping is on the list for today, I also hope to deliver some new items for sale this weekend at Ali Smith Cake Design in New Bern.

Well, now I feel like I accomplished something... off for school supplies... 4th grade, here we come!

Have a great weekend!

XxOo~ Melissa

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