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SoChick Quilt Along {Anchors Away: Week 2}

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Welcome to Week 2 of the SoChick 1st Annual QAL!

If you're just joining in, be sure to visit the following posts to get up to speed:

Original QAL Post

Cut & Prep

Week 1: Rows 1 & 8

Don't forget to share your photos on Instagram (use hashtag #SoChickQAL) or in the SoChickQAL Group on Flickr.  Thanks to the gals who have already shared photos of their progress, Sheri and Rio, I hope more of you will share, I love seeing your work! Also, at the end of the QAL you can upload a photo of your completed Anchors Aweigh quilt top into the linky party (which will be in the final post) for a chance to win a Free Craftsy Lesson!  Thanks to Craftsy for sponsoring the SoChick QAL.

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Week 2 {Anchors Aweigh Row 2 & Row 3}

I'm sure you know from the previous posts that I'm stressing organization for this QAL.  Only because it really will make it much smoother going if everything is organized, labeled, laid out, etc.

For this QAL I've laid out my sewing space to include my cutting mat (where I am cutting my solids and laying out the pieces to each row), Tula Pink's Anchors Aweigh quilt pattern, my sewing machine (of course *wink*) and my ironing board/iron/spray starch.\

Row 2

Start by cutting your solid prints:  I cut the two sections that are 12.5in in length from the yardage, then the smaller pieces from the leftovers I saved from Row 1.  Then, pull all of the squares needed for Row 2 from their baggies; lay it all out.

Here is the layout for Row 2 from Tula's Anchors Aweigh Pattern:
Anchors Aweigh Row 2

From here on out I will refer to the Row (R) and Section (S) that we are working on.  (i.e., set the solids from R2S1 and R2S5 to the side for now).

We are going to start sewing Row 2 Section 2 (R2S2).  Looking at the pattern, I laid out the section on my work surface.

Next, we will sew the pieces together end-to-end, working from top to bottom, to create four columns of squares.  Once all of the columns are sewn, press all of the seams open.

**Continue to use the same 1/4in seam allowance as previous rows!

To complete this section, you will place two columns on top of each other (referring to the pattern for placement), right sides together, being sure to line up the seams, and stitch.  Nesting the seams is a great way to do this: basically you will line the seams (which have been pressed open) on top of each other; lightly roll them between your fingertips to butt the two seams together... place a pin through the aligned seams, then stitch (watch that your seams are staying open as you stitch through them).  You can remove the pin right before stitching through the seam to ensure the seams stay aligned. 
"Roll" the seams with your fingertips to get them to "Nest"
Repeat this process with the two halves of R2S2 and press all seams open.  You will repeat this entire process for R2R4 also. 

R2S3 is assembled by joining the squares across, then aligning the rows to stitch.  When you lay out your pieces for S2R3, you will notice that the square prints extend beyond the solid piece, this is okay, the solid is cut to account for the seam allowance.  Once stitched,  the row of squares will match up with the solid piece.  Remember, press all seams open here, too.

Once the pieced sections (S2, S3, and S4) of Row 2 are completed, it's time to join them.
R2S2 will join to R2S3 by placing right side down on S3, nesting seams, and sewing.  Press this seam open and repeat on the opposite side of S3, with S4.  Refer to the Anchors Aweigh Quilt Pattern to ensure your sections and placement are correct.  Once completed, press all seams open and complete Row 2 by joining Sections 1 & 2 and Sections 4 & 5.

Pieced center of Row 2
Yay! Row 2 is complete, now it's time to tackle Row 3 with more piecing and more sections...

Row 3 is broken down into Nine sections.  Begin by cutting your solid pieces and laying out all of the square prints needed for this Row.

*Pattern Correction* Fabric "K" is not used in Row 3 Section 4, this is an error in the pattern... Fabric "K" is not used at all in Row 3.

Piecing Sections 2 and 8 is similar to R2S3...

Sew squares across in rows, then nest seams and connect the rows... pressing all seams open.

Repeat with Sections 3 and 7.

When you get to Sections 4 and 6, you can save time by finger pressing the seams open.  I saved the finger pressing method for sections with fewer seams because I can move quickly through them.  Finger pressed seams don't tend to have staying power, so I don't recommend the method when working with several seams.

Finally, piece R3S5 stitching squares across into rows, then nesting seams and joining the rows...

Note: As you sew, keep checking to ensure that you are stitching all of your seams open... open seams will reduce bulk in your quilt top.

Trim any long threads as you go... this saves time at the end, too.

Finally, sew all of the Row 3 sections together, checking the pattern layout to ensure the Sections are in order. 

I thought it'd be neat to see the real-life version next to the pattern image:

Once all of your sections are sewn together, press those seams open and starch!  You've completed Row 2 and Row 3 of Tula Pink's Anchors Aweigh Quilt!  

Isn't it a blast seeing the Rows come together!?  

Share your progress, chat with me on Twitter, Instagram or Flickr, and if you have a question, I'm here to help!

Happy Sewing!

XxOo~ Melissa

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