Sunday, December 12, 2010

Icky Sicky

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Well, i've got a nasty winter cold... icky!  That coupled with rain and cold weather made for a pretty uneventful weekend.  My oldest daughter had a few birthday parties on Saturday, social butterfly she is, and Girl Scouts today.  The little one ran around playing with Daddy all day today whilst I sat at the computer re-organizing my website so that I can be more efficient at updating it and adding new items... yay new items!

If you know me, or have noticed from previous posts/FB updates, I am not a computer person.  You see, the computer and I have a love-hate relationship.  I understand that computers are useful and make things easier... but I don't speak computer and I don't read computer... and for some reason whenever I do learn how to do/fix something, I can hardly remember enough to rinse and repeat if necessary...

... probably because most of what I do is trial and error... and hopefully not too big of an error.. ha...

 ... could be why I have taken so long to organize my site.  I know it was in good working order initially, but I plan to get much more up there come the beginning of twenty-eleven  and I often put off updating b/c I loathe that it sucks so much time away from my day.. I mean, I could be SEWING with all that time!  But that isn't good for business either (putting off computer-y stuff, not sewing, of course), ha, so that's why I sucked it up today... sometimes you gotta do wha'cha gotta do.

The next few weeks are going to be spent doing the holiday thing.  I'll be doing a bit of embroidery on some towels for a Holiday Craft Fair at Carteret General Hospital on Dec 17th, then baking cookies and ready-ing my house for Christmas. (Note: house is already decorated... woot!)  After that it's back to the grind, my idea book is just busting with new goodies for me to make and get posted for sale... the Spring will be good for SoChick, just you wait and see!


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