Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Holidays are upon us!

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I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  Now, with all of the Black Friday, Small Business SSaturday and Cyber Monday festivities past us, we are truly in the midst of the Holiday season.  Psst... I am going to let you in on a little secret, we don't have a single Christmas decoration up in our house... EEK! Seriously, though, we have planned for Friday to be our "decorating day", it seems that it may have been the same last year as well. 

This Friday kicks everything into high gear for my family... with Girl Scout events, Christmas Floatillas, Christmas Parades, Breakfast with Santa, Toys for Tots presentations, and Christmas orders to fulfill (lets not forget that I have a business to run as well *wink*) the time sure can fly by! didn't think I sat at my sewing machine all day... did you?!

If you notice to the right I have added a little slide show, this seems to be the best way to get my "portfolio" out to you, lets you see what I've been up to.  I have pictures from custom orders, current items listed for sale, and just a bunch of this 'n' that.

Here are some aprons I recently did as a custom order.. they are super cute and practical, I was happy when my customer approached me about making them, they were lots of fun:

Next up:

I also did some custom holiday hand towels with machine embroidery...

(this one is from last Christmas)

I just LOVE seasonal hand towels, whether they are guest towels, kitchen towels, bath towels, they are just so stinkin' cute and festive! Yay, Christmas!

On my trip to do some Christmas shopping today I did manage to take care of business... by picking up some super fab fabric that I am going to use to make some dahlin' market totes and wristlets... I can't wait!

Hello... My Name is Melissa and I'm a Fabricaholic...
These birdies and zig-zags are going to be adorable and the patchwork with the suzani-esque print will make a super tote for any Saturday farmers market... without looking like you're headed to the farm... Ha!

Last but not least, remember to subscribe to the blog to get all the updates and to stay current with whats going on... feel free to comment, I want to know what you think!

P.S. I have a surprise in store for tomorrow evening, check back to see what it is... *HINT* isn't there someone on your list that you missed during the Black, Small, Cyber shopping extravaganza?!



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