Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sunshine, where is my sunshine?

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I'm about over winter already.  My daughter has a two hour delay for school... again.  She hasn't had a full week of school in 2011 because of snow... I could have sworn I lived in Coastal North Carolina... what is the deal?! Mother Nature... is this a joke? I'm not laughing.  LUCKILY, I have some super pretty spring-time fabric that I'm using in my new bags...

  Last week I asked on Facebook which closure would be preferred for a Market Tote; I appreciate all the feedback (gosh, I really do... any reason to be chatty and see whats on your minds!) and decided to go with a magnetic snap.  I designed this market tote to be fairly deep yet  a comofortable size with straps set just right to make the bag feel secure.  It has a zippered pocket inside and also a cell phone and pen & lip gloss pocket.  Note: It is very important to be able to reach your lipgloss (or chapstick, whichever) when you need it... it's not fun to dig around for it (or a pen, i guess) when you need it RightNOW. ;-)

This bag along with others of the same style but different fabric options will be available with my Spring Line.  I hope you like it as much as I do...

I'm working very hard to get my Spring Line going and I've also been working on a few custom bags as well... glad to be staying busy!

Have a wonderful week!


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