Friday, January 28, 2011

A few things...

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Just a quickie today.  Working on a few new designs with the patterns to go with, yay!  I'm excited to see how well they are received, one is for a handheld clutch and one is for a market bag... I'll keep you posted on the progress.
Here is a recent custom order that I did.  The fabric is from KOKKA Japan and I bought it a few years ago and had been hoarding it... a side effect of being fabric obsessed.... ;-)  Anyway, it made an awesome one-of-a-kind bag:

I also came across and read a great interview today at SewMamaSew! about one of my fav crafty people, Lisa Lam.
 I am so hugely inspired by Lisa Lam, author/owner of U-handblog and U-handbag.  Her's was one of the first blogs I stumbled upon when my bag-making addiction first set in (3 years ago!).  Although she is across the big pond from us, in the UK, I continue to learn so much through her blog (and also her book, The Bag Making Bible.)  She is so super nice and helpful through U-Handbag's Fb page and everything... Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed this interview!!

Hope you all have a great week!

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