Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Organizing {The List & Kitchen}

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Usually, by the end of a school year, our home is a little lot less organized.  So, I've made a plan, and a list in my idea notebook, for organizing my home this summer. 

Between 12.5hrs of Gymnastics practice, School, and Girl Scouts for my Big Chick, and entertaining my Little Chick, I foresee very little time spent on major organizing projects once the new school year rolls around.  Not to mention I am absolutely horrible at putting things off.  I figure if I start now, I'll be able to get things together by the end of August... right? Right!

{My List of Projects}

-Kitchen Organization: Declutter Counter tops, Meal Planning Organization, Bead-board on backsplash, breakfast bar and in powder room.

-Laundry room: Shelving for storage and clothes hanging

-Dining Room: Dining Bench with Cushions/Pillows, Photos/Art for walls, Family Command Center wall.

-Living Room/Front Entry: Console Table with lamp and drawer/tray for catching keys, shades, etc.  Basket for shoes, Coat Hanger organization (behind front door), Slipcovers for sectional & chairs, throw pillows.

-Girls' Room: Finishing touches from Operation Organize.

-Master Bedroom: nightstands, closet organization

{The Kitchen}

So far I have made progress in the kitchen with just the bead board to be done.  I cleared the counters of clutter, everything has it's place, and I contained all of my coffee supplies on one platter for a more organized look.

We planned on bead board after the fire but haven't had a moment to do it.  This summer it will be done!  We'll install it as the backsplash and around our breakfast bar to protect the walls from the little feet, which tend to kick the wall at breakfast any time they sit there.

I'm considering using beadboard textured wallpaper in our dining room, which is attached to our kitchen, and the powder room... but the jury is still out on that project.

I'm hugely inspired by blogs when it comes to organizing my home.  Most recently I'm hooked on iHeartOrganizing.  I used Jen's tips to create a meal plan/menu for my family, so far so good. 

 I'd like to create a whole binder the way she has, we'll see how that pans out.

There were no sewing projects for the kitchen, though I think I may quilt a mug rug for myself. *wink*

Next up will be the Dining Room.

How do you organize your home? Have you ever worked with beadboard wallpaper? Have you ever worked with beadboard? Let me know if you have any tips!

XxOo~ Melissa

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