Monday, December 17, 2012

My Custom Winter-Sewing Tee {Embroidering Off The Edge}

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While embroidering Holiday orders, I had this overwhelming urge to stitch something holiday-related for myself.  Luckily, I had just picked up some cheap thermal long-sleeved tees at Walmart in case inspiration, like this, hit!

I was torn between stitching something sewing related and over-the-top holiday; I also like to stitch things a little differently, using unexpected techniques.  That's when stitching off of the edge came to mind; I remembered seeing a smaller scale "off the edge" technique in this Urban Threads Project... so I decided to bring it for my tee.

I snatched some awesome sewing-themed snowflake designs (below) and got to it!

[The Project] 
Machine Embroidered Thermal Tee 
{Embroidering "Off the Edge"}

Machine Used: 
Singer Futura CE-150

 100% Cotton Thermal Long-sleeved Tee.  OP brand from Walmart

 Thread: Floriani & Isacord, 100%Polyester Embroidery Thread in various colors
 Stabilizer: Floriani No Show Mesh, OESD Lightweight Tear-Away
 Embroidery Design: Crystallized, Scissors Snowflake, and Sewing Snowflake from

  I printed the embroidery designs on paper then used the cutouts to determine the placement on my shirt.  Lucky for me, "Eloise" was more than happy to model the shirt while I decided where I wanted the snowflakes to go. 

Once I decided on placement I fused the Floriani No Show Mesh to the wrong side of the area to be stitched.  Because this shirt has a bit of stretch to it, I lightly stretched it when fusing on the stabilizer.  Next, I hooped the shirt with the OESD Lightweight tear-away. After stitching I carefully peeled off the tear-away and trimmed the mesh.  Because of the light stitching, I didn't get all of the tear-away off, but was sure to tear away from the larger open pieces.

I followed the same process with the pieces to stitch off of the edge.  I stabilized, hooped, and stitched as usual; then cut through the design as I trimmed away the stabilizer.  

[The Verdict: on Embroidering off the edge]

This was sew fun!  I have washed and worn my shirt several times without a hitch.  Although the designs I used were light stitching, they had enough stitching to not unravel when the design was cut.  (I wouldn't recommend cutting away a heavily stitched design.) I have had no fraying at the trimmed designs.

Have you tried this embroidery technique?  Do you want to try it? I'd love to hear/see what you've done!  Leave a comment!

XxOo~ Melissa


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