Monday, December 31, 2012

My Thoughts on 2012 {Reaching Goals and Building a Dream}

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I love what I do.

When I started SoChick! in 2010 I was sewing bags and accessories, all the while growing this passion for fabric, sewing and handmade loveliness.  I knew it then, but began to realize it more and more, that my passion wasn't in manufacturing bags, as much as it was in creating, designing and sharing my passion for fabric and sewing in general.  I get so excited to look at and share beautiful fabric, inspiration and... what was that? you have a question about sewing??... I'm all about encouraging and sharing my knowledge!  I love learning new techniques as much as I love sharing ones I know.

I have a growing love for ALL things sewing related: bag making, quilting, and yes, even garment sewing (although its a newer adventure that I'm learning more about).

My passion for pretty fabric may have come from the extreme lack thereof in my local area.  While there are a few shops, none carry the fabric that I .  So, I learned about and developed my taste for fabric by ordering online.  By purchasing small quantities of fabric online, I became familiar with designers and colors.  Also, annual visits to the Original Sewing & Quilt Expo in Atlanta, Ga, allowed me to touch/feel all kinds of fabrics, and I'm like a sponge when it comes to learning techniques!

Lets not forget to mention how much I  getting my fabric delivered by Mr. UPS, and Mr/Ms USPS.  I know they think I'm some crazy fabric-sewing chick... that's okay.
In the beginning of 2012 I knew I wanted big things for my little business, every year has been a year of growth and goal reaching... this year, many of the little dreams, on the path to my big dream, came true. 

I released a Sewing Pattern for sale and have had major success on a free Sewing Tutorial (in my humble opinion). I taught a few sewing lessons to friends, one of whom is getting her first sewing machine in the very near future (Success!!).  And, my little sewing studio is bursting with bolts of beautiful fabric from my favorite designers, as I am now selling fabric by the yard in my online Fabric Shoppe.  Sitting down with my fabric rep and looking through fabric samples was a big dream-come-true... Yay! 

In 2013 I hope to add more fabric to my shoppe, complete an Epic Quilt Project, release more PDF Patterns for sale, and build my Blog's Virtual Shoppe community.

I can not give enough thanks to each and every one of my customers, blog readers, twitter/facebook followers, online friends and real-life friends (and family) for the support you have shown me and my growing business.  While SoChick! is still very much a small business, it has come so, so far... and wouldn't be what it is today if it weren't for all of you!

I hope 2013 brings many awesome things to each of you, health, happiness, love, and perhaps some needle and thread... and of course, fabric!  

Craft Buds

XxOo~ Melissa

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