Thursday, November 11, 2010

Oh Fabric, How I LOVE You!

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Listening to Pandora, doing some more embroidered towels for the Scroogefest and reading fabric blogs. My fav is and right now she's blogging about Quilt Market 2010 which just finished up in Houston, TX. (And where I'll be headed next fall... WOOT!!) One of her recent posts was on Michael Miller Fabrics, Inc... of which I am a big fan. There are some cute retro prints.. my fav so far being the 60's inspired prints starting at the third picture on this post . Maybe I'll get my hands on some of these and make some ridiculously cute bags, and such for spring!!

More and more I'm wanting to jump right in and open a bricks & mortar shop like, NOW. Unfortunately, though, that is not in the works at the moment and I'll be sticking to the Internet for a bit. Carrying fabric and handbag accessories could be in the future for SoChick... with Handbags and Embroidery always being at the forefront of the business. :-) Just thinking out loud for now.

... break for thread change...

...break for dancing around the kitchen with my little chickies (Pandora's playing good stuff today)...

I also like the tattoo prints from Michael Miller which are at the bottom of the above mentioned post... oh and the sugar skulls... all of which have the wheels in my brain in motion.

...skipping the Britney song on Pandora...

I think its safe to say I love most everything Michael Miller.

Heading to lunch in a bit with my kids, Dad and stepmom, for Veteran's Day, so I'm going to get back to work now!

Happy Veteran's Day!


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