Sunday, January 16, 2011

And she's off...

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Firstly, The number of FB "likes" and website hits had grown so much in this new year and I can't begin to thank everyone enough!  I promise to make it worth your while with super cute handmade-ness to make your days SoChick!

...I [heart] you!...

So, the week started with a snow day on Monday, and a two-hour delay on Tuesday AND Wednesday... but I really kicked into gear on Thursday and Friday making up some cute little extras to list on the site.

I started by making a fab half apron and will be making another this coming week.  Aprons are a fun little diversion from bags and accessories, although it's still an accessory...  I mean, a gal's gotta be fashionable while she's cookin', right?!  Every time I'm cooking in the kitchen I get something on my clothes, without fail... so I'm making one for myself as well!

I just LOVE the retro feel of this fabric and style!
*This apron is for sale at under "Extras"

I also sent out a custom tote earlier in the week: 
This tote can also be customized as a diaper bag by adding more interior pockets.. and how cute would it be with baby's name across the band?! Very. ;-)

And finally, I put this up on my personal FB page and had a lot of positive feedback (Wow, thanks everyone!), so I made up one for the site, although, not in this super cute tattoo fabric... I WILL make more tattoo'd Boxies. 
This one was a prototype as I worked on the pattern, I made a few adjustments to better the style and put that one on the site.
 Of course, I typically do have quite a few prototypes of things that I make, so that got me thinking... I just might have to sell my "slightly-offs" or I'll be overrun by them!!  Look for some way cheap "slightly-offs" on the site in the weeks to come!

I hope you all enjoy your Sunday and MLK Jr. Day tomorrow.  I swear, my oldest has hardly been to school since winter break with all the snow days, 2-hour delays and now a holiday, whaaaat?! It's what being a kid is all about, i guess, ha.

As always, I love to hear your thoughts and/or suggestions, I LOVE feedback, feel free to leave a comment!


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