Thursday, January 20, 2011

Just me today.

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No prizes or new items today... this week has been a much needed catch-up for me.  I've had to really step back and take a look at the big picture here lately.  I've always been one to get ahead of myself mentally then I have a bit of a let down when I over achieve and time doesnt move fast enough... or maybe its that it doesn't move slow enough, haha.

Nothing negative business wise, thank goodness.  I'm still on track with my plans for the spring, and have made notes for the year, but Spring is all I'm working towards at the moment along with orders, of course!  Its easy to think ahead and dream, which I do a lot of.  I know where I want to go and I'm working on getting there, but I have to remind myself that its going to be a journey.  I will learn and grow and learn some more on the way, it's not going to happen tomorrow... and if it did, that would probably be pretty lame anyways b/c then I'd have no good stories to tell later down the road.... thats what I'm telling myself.

As I said, this week was a catch-up week... in other words, I organized the crap outta my house!  I cleaned my 2yr old's room and tossed a lot of junk that her older sister, my 7yr old, "passed down" when she cleaned her own room; organized my kitchen cupboards, my bathroom cabinets, my linen closet and semi-tidied my sewing room. Whew!  I've also started a new pilates/yoga routine for the new year (I can currently feel every muscle in my body, especially when I breathe or move in any way, ouch.) and I started designing a new clutch/purse with a pattern to boot. Whew!  I also went and had my taxes done today... what fun. (I wish you could hear the Daria-esque tone I said that in.)

The weather has been super cruddy here as well, what is the deal!? Between all of the snow days, holidays, two-hour delays and teacher work days, my 7-year-old has been to school a total of 10days since starting back from winter break... seriously.  Although, I guess cruddy weather is what kept me busy inside, must have been in mother-nature's plan... "rain and they will clean", she said... at least thats what I heard.

This is my Boston Terrier's answer to cruddy weather:

Yep, she hunkers down between two large floor pillows (courtesy of me.. see I can sew more than handbags.) and sleeps the days away... lucky gal.
So, thats it, just me today.

See you soon!


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