Saturday, May 28, 2011

Committing to Blogging

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  I know I've said it before and then I fall off the bandwagon... I am going to blog more... I WILL Blog more!

I always read the blogs of other crafty folks, like myself and I love that I feel like I'm getting to know them.  So, after reading some here recently I thought, "I need to do this, make a plan, and stick to it."

I started searching around for ideas on how to better schedule my blogging time and how to actually have content that you, the reader, wants to see... then it hit me, again,  I love making friends and meeting new people.  I also love to talk about my ideas and what inspires me. (Both creatively and in life in general.) I also love to learn and share my knowledge.  I will tie all of this into SoChick~TheBlog, my own sweet little piece of internet where I can meet, connect and share with all of you!


What better time to get into the swing of things than with the launch of SoChick's Summer '11 collection?!  For starters, I have already signed up for the Inspiration Workshop through Gussy Sews, see the cute little button on the right ... yeah... over there... see it?...  That will kick off June 2nd with weekly Blogging on what inspires me.  Then I will add topics such as The Chick, which is me, Melissa, the woman behind the business; Sewing Tips, self explanatory *wink, wink*; How To's, Fabric Picks, what inspires me and such.  These topics may change as I finalize my Blogging plan.

 *Here's a little taste of inspiration.
I took this photo on our trip to Savannah, GA.

Go ahead and follow SoChick~TheBlog so you don't miss a thing!

I am SO looking forward to this, it's going to be a great venture and sew much fun!

Talk soon~



  1. Sounds like fun. I will be sure to visit for all the fun :)

  2. Thanks, Jen! I look forward to your visits!


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