Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In my garden...

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  While my youngest is at preschool for a few hours this morning, I'm free to get a lot of work done... but, I like to be centered, relaxed and ready.  Nothing does this as quickly as a short walk around my little gardens.  Not that they are much to brag about as far as size, the front garden houses some heavenly bamboo, two knock-out roses and a Star Jasmine which is potted along with some dahlia friends. The back yard-garden... almost literally the size of a postage stamp... is currently 'under construction' as I've dug a trench around the whole thing where I plan to put in some more day lilies and border plants.  I love color, and I love anything that lends to the 'Southern Garden' feel... which is why, along with the one I currently have potted, I have added two more Endless Summer Hydrangeas to the yard, as nothing screams Southern Garden (in my opinion) more than Hydrangeas!
  Here are some pictures of  what's blooming now:
My Endless Summer Hydrangea.  In the process of turning it blue again with Acidic Soil, notice that it is more lavender in color now.  When I first bought it, I had planted it in the ground where the soil was too alkaline and it quickly lost its blue and turned pink.

 My Stella D'Oro Daylilies which were divided from my Stepmom's garden in NY
 (before she and my Dad moved down to NC), 
they are doing wonderfully here in NC... my parents and the plants!

Beautiful rays of sunshine :-)

 Ahhh, relaxed; off to cut more fabric... my sewing studio is blooming with color from it all, too!


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