Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Monday!

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  I hope all of the Mommies, Mommas, and Moms out there had a wonderful Mother's Day!  My sweet soon-to-be-8 year old made the most adorable card for me saying the most wonderful things.  She really made me feel special.  She and her little sister, who is 2 1/2, gave me a singing card to which the little one danced around and sang along to for most of the afternoon.  Such sweet girls I have!  
  My husband and I went to Charlotte, NC this weekend for a concert, which was loads of fun.  When we got back to town yesterday afternoon we cooked out with my Dad and Stepmom... it was a really nice time.  This past weekend made me really appreciate having family so close by, not that I'm just realizing how nice it is, but it just really stands out when we're able to all get together for something as simple as cooking out and just hanging out while the girls run around and have a good time.  I think mostly because it reminds me of growing up and us all being together for special occasions. :-)

Going to be a busy month as I try to get SoChick's summer collection ready... so I'm going to get at it... Have a wonderful week!

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