Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fabulous Fabric Friday [Dreaming of Fabric]

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It has been a while since my last Fab. Fab. Friday post and I really want to share this one, so today its happening on a Saturday... yippie!

Today's will be a quick one, but packed with awesome fabric!  For starters, if you've read my about me posts you know that I have a wide taste in music... well, that also transcends to the fabric I love.  Today is a great example of two "Coming Soon" fabric collections that are completely different styles, but have captured my heart and [soon] my creativity.

* * *

The first is LillyBelle, by BariJ, for Art Gallery Fabrics:

I love the way Bari describes this collection on her site, "gorgeous gardens", "graceful chateau"... and LillyBelle, " She's strong and fierce, bright and clever, sentimental and soft. LillyBelle goes where I dare to dream she can go."  The florals and pops of color grab me, as do the geometric prints.

Of course I LOVE the sketch of the pretty framed purse!

* * *

Next, Tula Pink's rockin' NightShade:

I love her story of the Von Black Sisters; the lace bird print and of course the pirate references.  These are going to lend themselves to some cool and funky stitching ideas in my idea notebook...

Plus, when collections have colorways such as "Absinthe", you know its gotta be cool, right? Right!

* * *

I am super excited to see both of these collections in 2012... what are some things you would make with them?  What collections are you looking forward to?  Leave a comment and lets talk Fabulous Fabric!

XxOo~ Melissa

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  1. I would make some curtains and coordinating window seat cushions for the bedroom using LillyBelle. Just lovely.


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