Friday, February 24, 2012

Insta-Friday {Feeling Better}

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So, about this mini hiatus I took from blogging... It wasn't intentional, really, I promise.  You see, the kids had a nice three (and a half) day weekend from school and my oldest chickie ended up bringing home a nasty stomach virus, which hit her on Sunday, to share with the rest of us.  I'll save you all of the details and tell you that we are all feeling much better after a few days of rest.  Whew!

Anyway, where has the week gone?!  I'll share the highlights (which are few) via an Insta-Friday post... linking up with Life Rearranged.

life rearranged

I was able to sneak in some sewing earlier in the weekend, prepping for new items... here's a sneak peek of some swirly pink fabric straps:

I also stitched up my February Blocks for the Craftsy BOM, but I'm going to wait to share those on the blog... you can visit me on (TheSoChickChick) and you may have caught a peek if you're following me on Twitter or Instagram (Both @TheSoChickChick).

Next up is my Nan's grandfather clock, this is a seven day clock, meaning I need to "wind it" (raise the weights) once a week.  Every time I do, I open the front of it, take a breath in and am hit with all kinds of nostalgia of growing up and my Nan's home.  This was her clock, and all those years of being in her home have been sucked inside, they greet me every time I open that door... warm fuzzies. every. time.

Marilyn Louise, our 5 yo Boston Terrier, is always up for napping and snuggling... she's happiest snuggling under the covers snoring her brains out, so naturally she got some enjoyment out of us all being sick and resting.  Very recently, the pups have started sleeping in the girls' room again; they think they've gone to heaven every night when we say "time for bed", 've never seen two dogs run up stairs, jump in bed and lay still so quickly.  No, they are not spoiled... 

Well, there you have it... my week in photos.  This weekend I will be busy playing catch-up as there are lots of orders to fill, lots of projects going on and an upcoming trip to Sewing Expo (I'll tell ya more about that next week)... all of which means lots of coffee and maybe a late night, or two.

Don't forget that the Craftsy BOM Blog Tour kicks off today with Miss Print!! Pop over to say hi, you may find that you'll want to stay a while! Want the list of stops on the tour?  Visit my "Save the dates" post, Here.

Have a great weekend.

XxOo~ Melissa

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