Friday, October 4, 2013

{Friday} On My Mind.

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I see a red tree out my kitchen window... this is the first time in a long time that I can recall seeing the leaves change and I love it. 

So, I was checking out my blog stats and posts the other day and realized a few things:

- We have lived in Western North Carolina for 6 months now, four of which in our new home... time is flying by.

- While time has been flying by, I've posted six times on my blog since moving into our new home... what the heck!?

- In the midst of "Settling" into our new place, new routines, new everything.. I've totally let my blog and passion slide, almost to the point of calling it quits.  Gasp! I know, right?!

Lets talk about that last part...

Excuses, Excuses... that's what I've been feeding myself the past few months whenever I've had some brilliant topic to blog about.  I've also convinced myself that no one wants to see my recipes or know about any of the Mommy stuff that I do, like packing lunches, home DIY projects, etc... because this is a sewing blog and all of a sudden anything that isn't sewing related isn't "good enough".  What is the deal?!  

I'm also going to confess that I now know first hand that comparison is the thief of joy... like all of those Pinterest pins have told me.  When I'm not blogging I'm looking at everyone else's fabulous life via their blogs and Instagram and freaking Pinterest.  Which I love, by the way... have you seen my recipe board? I'm on it daily, no joke.

Today I stop.  Today I begin again.

I really freaking love where I'm at and what I do.  I really want to share that with you, and while I have big HUGE dreams for my business and were I would like it to be one day, I'm going to embrace where I am now.  Right now.

I love being a Mother to my daughters, I love being a wife and friend to my husband, and I love selling fabric, sewing, learning, creating, and everything that SoChick! is all about.  So, I'm embracing my life as it is, bigger things will come for SoChick! in due time, but for now I'm happy with where my focus is, and finding that happiness and balance again has reignited my passion.  Not to mention, I am so ready to get back to connecting with all of the awesome people I have met through blogging... have y'all noticed how slack I've been in most social media platforms?! I miss you guys.. uh, gals.. and guys?

No more excuses.  Just doing, living and loving.

Whats on your mind this Friday?

XxOo~ Melissa

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