Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sew-Easy Criss-Cross Coaster Tutorial {Halloween Edition}

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Here's a sewing project that you can find all over a Google Search for "Easy Coasters to Sew" and "Coaster Sewing Pattern (or tutorial)".   My Mother-In-Law has a set in her living room, which were gifted to her, which led me on my search in the first place; accompanied by the actual need for coasters in our living room.  Once I made a set for myself, I felt the urge to make a set for Halloween... after all, it is Halloween Season, right?!

Each tutorial I came across had slight variations for using an interlining on the bottom fabric piece of the coaster.  Some chose batting; others used fusible web.   For my first set, I decided to forgo both, using only my fabric layers.  So far, they have done an awesome job of catching condensation from our glasses of ice water (my youngest daughter being the ultimate tester as she always has a glass of ice water which leaves puddles of condensation on my tables; these coasters have eliminated that completely).

I decided, though, that I like the cushy feel of the coasters when they do have some sort of interlining, so I decided to make the Halloween Edition with fusible fleece.

Anyway, here you go:

Sew-Easy Criss-Cross Coaster Tutorial {Halloween Edition}:

Materials Needed for one coaster:

- Six 4.5 in or 5 in charms of the fabric prints of your choosing.

(I cut 4.5 in squares from my spooky fabrics, also, I only had 5 spooky prints on hand, so I doubled up on two prints)
- Fusible Fleece cut into four 4in squares
- Thread

Planning to make a set of Four Coasters to gift?  You will need to cut four squares from he six prints you plan to use, for a total of 24 squares, plus four Fusible Fleece Squares.


Fold four of the six squares in half, pressing the fold.  

Decide which of the remaining squares will be the base square of your coaster, and which will be the lining square (and probably not visible).  Iron your fusible fleece to the wrong side of your base square. 

Stack your base and lining squares with wrong sides together with your base piece (with fleece) on top.

Next, place your first folded piece onto the base fabric, lining up raw edges and being sure that the fold is towards the middle. 

Continue with the next three pieces, stacking and aligning each with the fold to the center and the raw edges lined up with your base piece.

With the final folded piece, you will lift up the edge of the fist folded piece and put the last folded piece beneath it... like so:

Make sure all of the raw edges of your stack are aligned; I then went ahead and placed a pin on each of the sides where the folded pieces overlapped, just to keep things from shifting.

Now, sew around your stack, using a 1/4 in seam allowance.  You will sew all the way around the stack.  

Next, clip your corners (be careful not to snip the stitches)... 

...and turn your coaster right-side-out through the center of the folded pieces.  

Poke out your corners with the tool of your choice (I use a mechanical pencil); finish with a good pressing and, Voila, you've made a coaster! 

 Now, go ahead and make three more for a complete set!

I gifted this set to my friend Andrea, of Keepin' It Thrifty, along with this personalized mug rug that I stitched and machine embroidered...

What a festive way to enjoy your coffee or beverage of choice, don't you think?! 

Happy {Halloween} Sewing!

XxOo~ Melissa


  1. These are awesome and I am going to make each of my kids a set of these for Christmas. Question, can you cut very large squares and make placemats for plates to match them? would it work or not? Wondering what size squares would be needed for this? 12"??? or maybe 15" All of my kids have new homes this year and I would love to give them all placemats with matching coasters for Christmas. Any helpful hints will be appreciated. Thank you

  2. Hi,
    I'll try Sew-Easy Criss-Cross Coaster. I like it because I can use different colors, maybe can be a bit smaller. The first one will be with blue a present for my sister.
    Thank you

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