Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sewing, Quilting, Handmade Blogs & Businesses: Let's Work Together!

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Socializing is a favorite pastime of mine; we all know that networking is huge for businesses to be successful.  I like working with other businesses to get both of our names out there, and I love finding great sewing/quilting/handmade businesses and blogs.  After all, I learned a lot from blogs when I was first starting out, before my business was even a thought!  What I love more than finding new-to-me blogs and businesses, is sharing them with my readers via Feature Posts.

  Let's face it, as a one-woman show over here at SoChick Handbags, I don't always have the time to do awesome blog posts, while updating awesome inventory, as well as managing the other aspects of my business and family life.  By having feature posts, I can share and bring new readers/customers to other blogs/small businesses while offering great content for my readers, right here on SoChick~The Blog!  Win-win, see?

Want to be a Featured Site on SoChick~TheBlog?  

Here's the details:

- I'll host your 150x150 or 300x150 shop/blog button on my right sidebar for the month in which you are featured.  You can choose to also host my SoChick button, if you'd like. 

Example 150x150 Ad
Example 300x150 Ad
- I will have "Feature Friday" posts twice during each month.  In a Feature Friday post I will highlight your business/blog and give a short description (which you provide) along with one or two photos from your business/blog/product.

- You may also choose to share a sewing/quilting tutorial or fabric-related DIY, which will receive it's own weekday-post during the feature month. If you'd like to offer a giveaway or discount to your shop, email me and we'll chat.

- All of this is FREE and includes shout-outs on Twitter and Facebook, because Social Media is where it's at and this chick is all about Social Media!

~ 4500+ Page views per month
~ 150+ Followers via GFC
~ 470 Likes on Facebook
~ 445 Twitter Friends

You can read previous "Featured" posts, here.

   I like for Feature posts to tie into what SoChick is all about, "Everyday Chic for Everyday Chicks".  Take a peek around the blog and you'll notice that while I like timeless design for my bags and accessories; I'm drawn to beautifully fun and fresh fabric, I also like tattoos and rock music.  If you think our businesses/blogs would be a good match for one another, go ahead and shoot me an email: melissa{at}sochickhandbags{dot}com

I can't wait to get to know you, work with you, and share you with my readers!

I'm currently seeking Sewing, Quilting, Handmade blogs and small/indie businesses to feature for September and October.  

XxOo~ Melissa

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  1. How awesome, I am fairly new to your blog and a sewing craft lover like yourself. I just became a stay at home mom and am hoping to gift my Etsy shop a redo and a boast.


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