Monday, September 3, 2012

We Survived Back-to-School Week {& A Labor Day Fabric Coupon}

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I'm happy to announce that I have we have survived the first week back-to-school!  It was like any other school week, except this year my oldest chickie is in 12.5 hrs of Gymnastics Practice and my hubs was away for work as Crisis Response for Hurricane Isaac... good times.

Because Chickie #1 has practice three days during the week, we started prepairing a week in advance with early bed times and wake-up.  I am super proud of myself for keeping to our schedule and staying organized.  While I let the blog slip a little, I was still able to stay on top of some orders and make a plan for this coming week.

Happily, I will be adding new items to both SoChick! shops this week... yep, there are two now!  You can visit SoChick! Handbags for Handmade Handbags & Accessories, here; or, find pretty Fabric in my SoChick Fabric Shoppe on Etsy, here.

You'll also notice that I've created two new ads for each shop over to the right:

I'll share my reasoning for two platforms in another post... for now, though, I'm leaving you with a coupon code for the Etsy shop... to save 20% on your entire purchase use Code LABORDAY20!  Sale ends Wednesday, Sept 5, at Noon EST.

Now, here are some pictures from our back-to-school week:

We're doing Bento style lunches and my 4th grader is loving them!  I use the same idea for little chickie's lunches at home:

 I scored this cute little pail from Target's dollar bin, I love that the chalkboard paint was already on it; more on this project in the coming week!

Nothing like coming home to a delivery of beautiful Fabric to brighten a rainy day, you'll be seeing more of these, too... yep, three of these are Laminates.... Eeeep!

Finally,this Saturday was the first Game Day of College Football season; you will notice that I tweet about the game like it's cool... wait, it is cool!  Here, my littlest chickie is wearing her UGA Cheerleader Uniform, a hand-me-down from big sister.

Plus, I have to share the fun with my friend Meagan of Fairly Fabulous, because she's a Dawg fan, too!

Have a fabulous Labor Day, don't forget to use the 20% off coupon mentioned above, and check back during the week as I'll be celebrating my Shop's 2 yr Anniversary and my Birthday... yay!

XxOo~ Melissa

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