Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween Craft w/ Jen of Sunny Vanilla [A Blog Swap!]

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Today I have swapped spaces with Jen from Sunny Vanilla.  I'm blogging over there while she hangs over here and shows you a sweet little Halloween tutorial... Enjoy, and be sure to check out her blog when you're done!  
XxOo~ Melissa

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Hello So Chick Readers!  I'm stopping by to hang out with you all today and share a fun and "ghoulish" kids tutorial with you.  My name is Jen and I'm the gal behind Sunny Vanilla.  I'm a lover of  hamburgers, sewing, hangin' with my fam, and of course crafting.  This little project was inspired by an archived Martha Stewart Halloween project.  I hope you and your kids have fun with this one.  And if you don't have kids, try it anyway.  It will make you feel 20 years younger!  

Here's what you'll need:
needle and thread or white yarn
parchment paper
Elmer's glue
black sharpie

Start by drawing {I just used the freehand method} a ghost with your glue.

 Draw as many "ghouls" as you want to.  I made three big ones for me and three little ones for my little nugget.

 Let the outline dry for a couple of minutes and then fill in the body with glue.

 You will end up with something that looks like this.  Now lay the parchment paper on a flat surface and allow it to dry for at least one day.

 Once it's dry {I waited about 24 hours}, very carefully peel off the ghoul like this.

 You'll end up with a bunch of these guys.  Feel free to trim off any edges so you have smooth lines throughout {or leave them there for a rugged ghost look}.

 Now give your ghoul a face. 

Gently thread your needle through the top of the ghost.  Add as many or as little as you'd like.

Now you have a ghoulish necklace!!!

Thanks for letting me hang out with you all today.  Hope you have a chance to come check out Sunny Vanilla.  Happy Halloween!


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