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Reading and Following Blogs [How-To and Why You Should!]

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[Why Blogs]
Well, you can learn tons from blogs... DIY/Craft Tutorials, Recipes, Organization, Design, Fashion, Beauty Tips, Gardening... shall I go on?  You can network, find inspiration & support, share faith, and grow through blogs.  And, mostly because many blogs are the real deal... real people, like you and me, sharing their lives, experiences, knowledge and passions through their little place on the internet they call 'Blog'.

[How do I find a blog worth reading?]
I have found that this takes time, building a list of blogs you enjoy reading, that is.  A lot of the time, once you've found a blog you like you can search within that blog for Guest Posts, Feature posts and Sponsors which will bring you to other bloggers who may share a common thread and qualities that got you hooked on the initial blog.

[I found a blog I want to follow... now what?]
Follow it!  Here are some tips:

Subscribing via Google Friend Connect
Some blogs, like mine, are hosted through Blogger (by Google) and allow you to subscribe via Google Friend Connect aka GFC, using your Google account.
Once you click "Join this site", you'll come to a window where you can then choose to follow publicly or privately... the choices are pretty self-explanatory, but it gives you a breakdown anyway... *wink*

Using an RSS Reader such as Google Reader (and the super cool 'Subscribe' toolbar widget)
When you subscribe via GFC, the feeds for those blogs will be stored in Google Reader... a super easy way to keep up with  the blogs you are following, and its Free! 

The reader will automatically get updates for the blog you follow and you can read them all from one screen... anywhere you can get an internet browser window! You can also access it from your iPhone with the Google Reader App... woot!

[What if I want to follow a blog that's not hosted on Blogger?]
Google reader also allows you to add this cute little "Subscribe" widget to your toolbar:

Yep, mine sits next to that addictive little 'Pin It' Pinterest widget!

When you find a non-Blogger blog that you love, you can click that 'Subscribe' button up on your toolbar to add it to your Reader... and viola! you can now keep up with that site, too!

[Did you know?]
  You can follow more than just blogs in a Reader...
This widget shows you that a feed is available for the site you are reading... when you click it, you have an option to select the reader you are using, in my case, Google Reader, and you can then choose to subscribe that way!  Super for news sites such as FoxNews or CNN.

~ ~ ~

These are just some tips that I've learned along the way...  I love being able to keep up with all of the blogs I enjoy without feeling overwhelmed or that I may miss something.  When I set aside an amount of time weekly, I am able to learn, be inspired by and connect with all of the blogs, and bloggers, that I enjoy!

Also, don't be afraid to leave a comment... us bloggers love feedback and to know that you are liking what you see/read!  You can comment as little or as much as you like, but definitely do so if you come across a cool post, or yummy recipe that you enjoyed.  Not only does it make us do a *happy dance* it shows other readers that it may be a recipe worth trying or tip worth trying!

So grab a cup of Pumpkin Spice coffee (or beverage of your choice) and get to reading and following! You'll be happy you did!

XxOo ~Melissa


  1. I was just thinking about adding this the other day. I was originally hosted by wordpress and couldn't do it. Now I'm self-hosted, so I could and just haven't yet. I follow a bunch of blogs via Bloglovin' (similar concept to GFR). I like that I can just check in and see who has updated.


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