Thursday, October 13, 2011

Inspiration Workshop [RED, the color]

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Linking with Gussy Sews for Inspiration Workshop today. (Here's the first workshop post I did.)

Today's prompt is [RED, the color]...

The accent color in our kitchen is red (and its going to stay that way as we complete the post fire renovations), so it was pretty easy to snap a few pictures of the first three things that came to mind when I think of the color RED:

My KitchenAid Mixer:
(which I , and keep on the counter 24/7 because of it's pretty red color)

My fav coffee cup:

And, of course being Georgia Bulldogs fans who "bleed black and red"...
Our UGA mat that lives in front of the fridge:

What is your RED colored inspiration?

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!
XxOo~ Melissa


  1. I hope Georgia beats the Gators this year!!! I'm a Seminole, so I root for whoever plays Florida. :-)

  2. Very jealous of your kitchenaid mixer!

  3. Hi back from your new fellow NC friend!! :)

  4. I actually can't say I have a lot of red around, BUT, my mom just upgraded her mixer, so I inherited her old one. Sure, it was a wedding gift 33 years ago and it's goldenrod yellow... but it still works, and now I've got mixin' to do!!

  5. Amy~ 33 years is vintage... and that is so 'In', mix away, girl! Thanks for visiting! Xo


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