Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Manicure [A Cracklin' Good Time!]

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I was walking through the store planning on picking up some black nail polish so that I could try the tips in this Pinterest Pin.... {}.  But then I came across these:

Halloween orange: {Check}
Dark Gray Crackle: {Check} and how awesome, am I right?!

Using the idea from the above mentioned Pinterest Pin, I grabbed my masking tape and craft scissors and set out to make some fun Halloween Nails!

What you'll need:

~Solid Nail Polish, preferably a color that is going to stand out from under your crackle
~Crackle Nail Polish
~Clear Top Coat Polish
~Masking Tape
~Craft Scissors

Start by painting your nails with the solid color polish... in my case, Halloween Orange!

Once the top coat is dry, use your craft Scissors to cut small strips of Masking Tape to put on your nails:

Once you have the tape on the way you like, it's time to get Cracklin'

You will have to work quickly as the crackle drys fast.  
Also, you don't want to put on more than one coat.

Once you've painted on the crackle, it's time to peel off the tape!

Add clear top coat and you're set!

I painted one hand using the tape and the other without:

I totally love the old, spooky, Halloween feel of this look!

Have you tried Crackle polish, and if so, what are your thoughts?  What other fun nail art have you tried?

XxOo~ Melissa

*Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Salon Perfect, I just happened upon this particular polish in the store.  I got the idea for  using tape to design my nails from the above mentioned Pinterest pin.  Thanks bunches!

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