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Guest Post: Garden Organization [Gardening/DIY]

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I don't have a huge yard, but I love the gardens I do have! I was super happy when Tina from contacted me about doing a Garden Organizing Guest Post... um, yes, please!

Here are some tips from Tina:

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Keeping Your Plants Organized
It’s a dilemma every gardener has come across at some point. You purchase a new plant, get it planted where you want, and then one day you look and realize you’ve lost the name marker that came with it! It’s really not that surprising, since they’re often made of light plastic or paper and can easily blow away if they’re not in the soil securely. If you don’t have a marker for your plant and you don’t have the name of it committed to memory, you can be in for some problems. Today, we’re going to look at an easy way to keep your plants organized by using homemade plant markers.
When you make your own plant markers, the only limit really is your creativity. Whether they’re small or large, old fashioned or modern, the choice is up to you. Here’s a look at a few of the most popular ways to make your own:

Wood Fence Board – Have an old board from your fence that’s taking up space in the garage? Then this is a perfect project to put it to use. First, take your old board and remove any nails. Cut it down to an appropriate size for your garden – something that won’t take away from the plants but still makes it easy to see what they are. When it’s cut and the edges are sanded down, give it a fresh coat of paint and then paint the name of the plant over that. Make sure you use a paint that can hold up through constant outdoor exposure so you don’t have to repaint it regularly.

Tongue Depressors – Essentially a scaled down version of the wood fence board, the tongue depressor makes a quick and easy way to have a plant marker. You can get a box full for cheap at any arts and crafts store, and from there it’s just up to you to decorate them. Some prefer to leave them plain, just writing the plant name on them, while others prefer a more colorful look. These are a great choice if you have a small garden with only a few of each plant or a set of planters on your patio that you want to keep organized.

Aluminum – For a sleeker look, try using some aluminum for your plant marker. Look for aluminum that’s about the same gauge as what you’d get in a soda can or a baking sheet, something malleable enough to be embossed. Once you’ve got your material, decide the shape you want your markers to be and cut them out. To get the plant name on the aluminum, start by writing the name on a piece of paper with a marker. Turn your paper over and trace the name with a pen or pencil so you have it written backwards. Now, use this as a guide to emboss the name backwards on the backside of your aluminum material. When done, you’ll have a plant marker with a name that pops out on the front and will hold up well through all sorts of weather.
Keeping your plants organized is paramount for having a great garden. You’ve got to know what’s what so you know which needs more sunlight, which needs special nutrients, and other things like that. With a set of homemade plant markers, you’ll never have to worry about losing those paper markers that come with your plants again!

About The Author – Tina Foreman is a writer with Outdoor Living and a green living enthusiast. She enjoys outdoor decorating, running, and reading. For more on products like patio heaters, planters, rain barrels, and wind chimes, visit

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Super info!  Thank you Tina!! 

I went a little pin-crazy and added these ideas as well for DIY Garden Markers:

{Wine Corks}

{Old Silverware}

{Paint Stirrers}


Okie Dokie... I think that'll do....

So, now that the weather is cooler, get out and mark some plants!  *wink*

P.S.~ Did you notice that all of the items for these ideas are probably things your have around your home/yard?  Yep... free!

XxOo~ Melissa


  1. So thrifty---I love all these ideas. ps im sooooo luvin this weather I HEART FALL!

  2. These are awesome!! I always lose track of whats what- it's a real pain! Not only are these practical they're also super adorable. I think i'm going to go with aluminum for durability's sake. Thanks for sharing!


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