Friday, November 18, 2011

Insta-Friday [My week in Photos]

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I think it's quite obvious that I don't have a lot of blog posts scheduled and ready-to-go.  Sometimes I do, and that's great, most times I don't.  

So, for today, since I'm busy trying to sew a million and one things (before switching over to embroidery on my machine so that I can embroider a million and two things) I thought I'd try out an Insta-Friday Post.

Insta-Friday is hosted by Life Rearranged, a blog worth checking out.  Basically I'm sharing my week in instagram photos... which I tend to take a lot of... enjoy!

 Here are some new Yellow/White Chevron Wristlets that I made up.  I love the Grey Velvet Accent, don't you?!  There are still a few left in The Shop.

 Here's how Jack Bauer greets me first thing in the morning, with the 'Puss  in Boots' eyes... because he thinks he's starving... all 18lbs of him. (P.S. that white speck in the middle of the photo is my iPhone camera, i've had the thing three months and this is what happens *sigh* probably need to go to AT&T and ask "What the deal?")

 From-the-box Chocolate fudge Brownies, with icing thankyouverymuch.  Seriously sinful, seriously delicious!

 Super gloomy-yet-warm-and-humid day. 'Nuff said

Affordable Gwen Steffani at Target?! YES!! It's for the kids, but that make's it easier to justify spending...right?!?!

 This was my Nan's jewelry chest.  I only have a few pieces in it because I've not taken out what was there to begin with... I want to refinish this piece but need to research where to start so I don't ruin it... I'd like for one of my girls to have it one day.

Finally... here I am with my new hair cut trim, yay! *happy dance* So glad to have found a new stylist (since mine moved away in March... yes, it's been that long since anyone has touched my hair)
life rearranged
Hope your weekend is fabulous!! Ours is going to be a busy one!

XxOo~ Melissa


  1. Stopping by via InstaFriday! Love the wristlets! I'm a sucker for yellow anything! Also we bought the Gwen Stefani stuff! The I love nerds shoes! Too cute.

  2. I love those wristlets, and your cat is adorable. Mine does that too, tries to convince me that she's starving!


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