Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up [A Trunk Show, A Photoshoot and A Fall Wreath]

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Whew!  What a super busy weekend it has been!  But, it was the good kind of fun-busy, where it didn't really feel like busy, and not nearly as exhausting as busy-busy.

Good thing I picked this up during the week:
Yes, Margaritaville Coffee, fo' sho!

The weekend kicked-off with SoChick's first ever Trunk Show/Home Party on Saturday.  A few weeks ago at the Mum Fest I had a sweet customer ask if I did home shows... of course my answer was "Not yet!", *wink*.  We chatted about it and scheduled the show.

For my first-ever home party type thing, the show went really well. My hostess was super wonderful and sweet, plus all of her guests were super great gals, too.  I was also happy to share the time with a lovely Scentsy rep (I may or may not have become addicted to Scentsy at this party) who really helped calm any anxiety I had about the event... whether she knew that or not!

This was a super fun way of getting to talk about my items and fabrics (which I loooove talking about!).  Between the Farmer's Market and everything else, I think adding regular home parties would overwhelm me, so I didn't schedule future shows, but I am open to the possibility... maybe doing them as a quarterly thing?  It's a great way to get feedback, which I love, too!

After the Trunk Show I came back to town to meet up with Keri, of K.Shaw Photography, for a product photo shoot, which was loads of fun, too!  I felt a little awkward not really knowing what to do, but Keri knows her stuff and our model, Sara, was great, so no worries.  I'm pretty excited to see the photos... eeeeep! <- That's me being uber excited... {f~y~i}

Saturday was a great start to the weekend!

Sunday didn't really start as planned, mostly because I had a brain-burp and totally forgot that "Fall Back" doesn't apply to toddlers.  I was really anticipating gaining an hour of sleep, but littlest chickie decided that since the sun was up, she should be, too... we had an early start, to say the least.... {double back to first photo, ha!}

The rest of the day went well, mostly hanging at home and tidying up.  Things have really come along since the fire and we are close to being finished with the house.  I will share photos once we are all done, maybe in a "home tour" post... because I enjoy reading them, so I imagine you might, too. In the meantime... here's a tease:

I'm trying my best to use things we already have, like these shelves, to get the look I want.

And finally, I made my Fall Wreath today!

I love it, don't you?

I used these free Printables from Pinterest:

They come out square so I used a wine-glass to trace my circle; then, cut out, punch with a hole puncher and string along some twine.  Add some ribbon and dollar store decor and  Viola!

Have a Happy Monday!! 

XxOo~ Melissa

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