Monday, November 28, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up: Thanksgiving & [Stocking Stuffer] SALE!

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I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and were able to make it through your Monday after the long weekend!  

  Every year I get more excited to make Thanksgiving Dinner.  This year, after following my own Holiday Planning Guide, I am happy to say that I am super pleased with how well I pulled it off!  My photography skills, however, not so much.

  I wore my Dear Damsel apron (which I made with some adorable Michael Miller Fabric a while ago and couldn't bear to sell!), and my 90 inches of pearls from a Premier Jewelry Party I attended a few weeks ago.  I was armed with my coffee, hugged by one of my Cafe Wraps, and a planned out time-schedule for cooking... not to mention I prepped a few items the night before, which made things easier.

  Pretty much everything we ate this year, aside from the Dressing, Gravy, and Mashed Potatoes, Cranberry Jelly (with its can ridges) (and pie, which my Mom brought), was from the November Southern Living Magazine.  Yeah, have I mentioned how much I love Southern Living?  If I haven't, which I'm sure I have... I do.. I love it... L-O-V-E, Love!  I may have grown up in the North, but I'm all about some southern cooking and my little chicks are a pair of GRITS, so I may as well help them along, right? Right!

Cajun Fried Turkey

Homemade Gravy in my Nan's China :-)

Happy that finally I was able to have a yeast dough recipe work for me!
And I  will never again make Green Bean Casserole with condensed soup!
  I had everything hot on the table within 10 minutes of our planned time to eat... WOOT!
We enjoyed ourselves, though my hubs had to work for Black Friday... the girls and I stayed home, which is traditional for us... no crowds for me thanks.

On Saturday I went to the Christmas Carol Craft Show at the Farmer's Market... I didn't take a single decent photo of my holiday towels, but if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you saw some sneak peeks... Here is one terrible iPhone photo:
I sold all but two of my towels and am so completely grateful to all of the customers who supported my Small Business on Small Business Saturday!

* * *
If you 'Like' SoChick! on Facebook (What? You don't? Well, you should! *wink*) you may have noticed that I added an album with Fabric Winter 2011... these are all of the miscellaneous fabrics I have left over from this year.  If you see something you'd like used for one of my items... don't hesitate to email me ( about a custom order.  ***Any Custom order placed now will not ship until after Christmas, but, if there is a fabric you'd really like used in a Handbag or Accessory (as long as I have enough of it for a given item)... you should get it before it's gone!

Last but not least...  
  This week is the last week to order from SoChick TheShop before I close through Christmas and the New Year!  SoChick TheShop will be closed from Dec 6th through the end of January so that I may update & restock inventory... Be ready for fresh items, fabrics and designs in 2012!
  I have added some items that will make perfect Stocking Stuffers and are 'just right' for the Holiday Season... I will add more Ruffled Scarves this week, in new colors, so be on the lookout for those as well!  
  No more Items will be added to the shop after this week and it will close for the Holidays on Dec 6th!!  Head on over to SoChick TheShop now to take advantage of some reduced pricing as well as an additional 20% off your purchase now through Dec 5th (at 11:59pmEST)... Use Code STKNGSTFR20 at checkout to save!!

* * *
P.S. Did you see that I made Scatter Girl of the Month?!? I DID! Check it out HERE... I am So super honored!  XxOo and Thank you!

XxOo~ Melissa


  1. The dinner looks wonderful! What is it you're doing with your green bean casserole now? I need recipes!

  2. Thanks, Rosie! Oh my gosh... the Home-style Green Bean Casserole from the November Southern Living is delish! From scratch, but so easy...

  3. Love the apron! :-) And the food looks delicious!!


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