Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Stitching

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I am busily stitching some holiday hand towels this week to finish up my SoChick orders for the year. (Oh my gosh... 2011 is almost over!) 

I'm having a blast stitching up Applique Hand Towels like these (which were ordered as gifts for a Christmas Party a few weeks ago):

These towels are such a fun gift and something that can be displayed year after year... I love all of my embroidered towels, the ones I make for others and the ones I keep for myself. *wink*

Machine embroidery gives me a little time to brainstorm and catch up on email, blogging, etc.  Contrary to what folks say, I can not 'just walk away' and leave my machine unattended during stitching... because for starters, I don't have a fancy schmancy machine that will do most everything on its own (I  love my little Singer).  I still need to change thread, place applique, trim jump stitches and... you get it.  Anyway, that's why I catch up on things which require me to be at the computer and near my machine *wink*.

I will be delivering and shipping orders on Thursday and Friday this week, then I plan to get to baking!  Check out my Holiday Planning Guide to get a feel for what I've planned in the next week before Christmas.

What are you doing to prepare for your Holiday?  What are some of your favorite handmade gifts to give and receive?  Let me know by leaving a comment! 

XxOo~ Melissa

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