Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Organizing for the New Year

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We had a nice Christmas, spending time with our family.  My girls were so pleased with the gifts they received... now it's time to find a home for everything and bring some order to our home for the New Year.

From my experience, the New Year brings out the Organizing Issues in the magazines... and so I'm inspired to get organized.  It also helps that my little chickies are with their Grandparents this week! {True Story!}

I tend to over-do my Organizing To-Do list the first week after Christmas when the girls are away.  Here are two of my biggest "Personal" Organizational Goals for the week:

The Goal: Designating an "office space"
  We have a 3-bedroom home and I use one of the rooms for my studio.  Needless to say we have very little space... but we make the best of it.
The Plan:
  To paint the upstairs hall and move a small desk, which is currently in my studio collecting 'stuff', to the space.  I hope to store everything within the desk so that the space stays tidy and organized while providing a place for bills, business work and Homework... which will be much better than taking over the dining room.

The Goal: De-clutter the Girls' room to fit their new 'stuff'.
The Plan: [This week]  Sort through and organize their closet and bookshelves... possibly paint (this is the over-doing it).  I would eventually like to get them a loft bed for my older daughter, in hopes to free up some floor space... any input on that?

Here are some great sites for Organizing inspiration and tips:
Better Homes & Gardens
IHeart Organizing: Free Printables
Real Simple

And of course there are endless possibilities on Pinterest.com (Here is my Personal Organization Pin Board)

Aside from this I'm also prepping for major sewing of new inventory, anticipating the arrival of new fabric and prepping for tax-time (gag).

How do you plan for the New Year?  What are some of your biggest Organizing Goals?
XxOo~ Melissa


  1. My husband is totally overboard with having a clutter free house - he's always throwing stuff away that sits out. I have to stay organized if I don't want to lose half my stuff (seriously, he threw away a sterling silver tea set once because we weren't getting enough use out of it, and it was taking up space). I'm totally checking out those free printables!

  2. Cate, that makes me giggle because mine is the same way, yet he hoards all of his 'stuff' that should be thrown away, like the PS3 that broke and has been replaced... because the old one might magically work one day... ;-)

    I'm going to do my best to stay on top if things this year and that site with the printables is great!


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