Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up & Craftsy BOM Progress

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Time to get back into the swing of things around here.  Last week got a little hairy as I have been finishing-up custom orders; this week is full of them, too!  I did take a creative-break to finish up some hand towels I embroidered, sew a mini-tote and work on my March blocks for the Craftsy BOM Lesson... here's the proof:

I really enjoy machine embroidery and applique, mostly doing it during the holidays, but I am thrilled with how these all came out... I may have to start doing them more often!

I really love the Hawaiian shirt print in the ruffle of this "Beach Bum" towel.

The "R" appliqued towel has a pleated fabric border, instead of ruffles.  "Mel's Cafe" is for my kitchen...  I'm a coffee lover, so it's retro coffee fabric ruffle is perfect for me.
And, who doesn't love a sassy little "Bite Me" cupcake?  I paired that with a retro cupcake print ruffle. 

A few weeks ago, the awesome folks at Art Gallery Fabrics announced on their Facebook page that they had scraps to give away... of course I was like "Me, Me, Me.. pick me!!!" and was lucky enough to get in on it.  (Pssst, I saw they were doing it again, so you may want to start following them on Facebook... or not, more scraps for me! *wink*)

I was super pleased with the awesome scraps I received and used some for a new Mini-Tote:

The prints used here are both from the scraps I received, the lining and handles are from the Floral Elements line, but I'm not sure which line the outer print belongs to... if you know, tell me in the comments!  Either way, they pair so nicely and of course are super awesome to work with... like AGF says, you can "Feel the Difference", for sure! 

Finally, I got around to working on my Craftsy BOMs for March... yes, I know that I did them on April 1st... but what can I say, I'm a busy gal!  In my defense, I did watch the lesson in early March, that's the joy of it, though... easy to go back and re-watch/catch up on Blocks!

The March Blocks worked on Foundation Piecing, and as with the past lessons, we tried two different methods:

Top (Block # 5) is a String Block and Bottom (Block #6) is a Broken Spider Web.

I'm doing blue and green as the colors for this quilt with Kona Ash as the background fabric; so far I've used all scraps and fabrics that I've had on hand, with the exception of two I purchased when I went to GA a few weeks ago... but I didn't buy them specifically for this project... not that it matters if I did.  *wink*

Also, I made a second version of the first Craftsy BOM Block, the Asterisk Block.  I felt that my first version (right) wasn't doing anything for me color-wise.  I'm much happier with my new fabric choices (left block) and think it's going to fit into my end quilt much better.  Honestly, though, I think I'm just not a fan of this block in general... though I think it's a great beginner block! 

Okay, that's all for today. Tomorrow will be the Interfacing/Interlining post for The SoChick Chick's Guide to Fabric! See you then! 

XxOo~ Melissa

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  1. Um, CUTE! You are one busy chick! That bag is adorable, and I'm so loving your blocks- such a hot color combo. XO


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