Monday, September 5, 2011

Guest Post: Gina of #SetUpShop & Hiya Luv [Shop Anniversary Celebration Week]

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Happy Monday!  I hope you are enjoying a relaxing Labor Day with family today, or at least have been able to soak up summer over the weekend.

This week I'm celebrating my SoChick! Shop's 1 Year Anniversary!  Things got kicked off last week with a few GiveAways over at 5Days... FiveWays and The Elephant's Trunk.  There is still time to enter each!

My goal for this week is to share, encourage, and inspire you.  Let's Partay!

Today I've asked Gina, the host of the tweet chat #SetUpShop to be my guest.  I am so happy to have 'met' Gina through her chat.  She's a super sweet Chick, encouraging and helpful... she really likes to see others succeed and that's why I think she Rocks!

Hi Gina!
* * *

Hi {new} friends! I am so happy to be visiting you today! I just love Melissa and feel so privileged to be guest posting today!

My name is Gina and I blog at Hiya Luv and Connect. Engage. #SetUpShop

ME taken with the instagram app

I also have a handmade business called Hiya Luv Handmade. {While I restock, my shop is on vacay mode but will re-open soon!} I also host a handmade business chat on Monday evenings at 9pm Est on twitter called #Setupshop

In fact, that is how I "met" Melissa. She immediately struck me as someone who was really personable and talented. I just love her shop and think her work is impeccable!
Today I want to share some tips on using Social Media because I have been able to grow my business, blog readership, and {yes!} build friendships through a variety of social media outlets.

1. Get out there!!! Don't be shy. You have nothing to be afraid of-really! Open up a Twitter account. Participate in Tweet Chats. Make a facebook page for your blog and/or shop. Join Pinterest. Use Instagram and connect with others through photos.

2. Be Social! Talk to others. Follow others on twitter; like people on facebook; repin on pinterest and leave comments. Post your photos on instagram. Join a tweet chat; there is so much to learn from others and you have so much to offer others. Retweet others' items or thoughts that they post. Join the conversations and let your light shine. Tweet out your blog posts. Connect your facebook and twitter to Networked Blogs and your blog posts will automatically tweet out and be posted on your facebook. Visit others blogs and leave comments. You will find that many will do the same for you!

3. Be patient. Your following probably won't grow like a weed overnight. What you put into socializing with others will give you a great return; I promise! But it takes some time. With some patience and consistent socializing, you will find your blog readership, twitter, and facebook growing. If you have a business, you will find that more people will visit your shop and become interested in what you have to offer!

4. Play nice. Be you but remember that you may not always agree with the conversation. Speak your mind but do so politely. It is easy to misconstrue a tone or statement over a tweet. Think before you tweet or post on facebook. Your social behavior is a big reflection of you and can make or break your online reputation. I am not saying this to "scare" or worry you. I just want to be real and let you know that it is important to remember when you are socializing online.

5. You will find your niche. Just like in every other aspect of the world there are groupings of people. I truly believe this a natural part of socializing and do not think that people maliciously exclude others; it just happens. You will find a group of people who you really connect with and then some others who you are social with but you don't make a magnetic connection. Don't get offended; it is just the way of the world.

Do you use social media now? How has social media helped you grow your business/blog/relationship with others?

I would love to connect with you! Tweet me @hiyaluv or "like" me on Facebook. I will do the same for you!

Again, thank you so much to Melissa for having me today!
please note that all photos are from pinterest.

Thank you, Gina!  See... bursting with info, this gal!  Again, Social Media is Huge... Did you know, within a week of starting my Twitter account, SoChick was tweeted as Fox Small Business' "Business of the Day" on Twitter? It's true!  Put yourself out there... good things come to those who go out and get 'em. *wink*

Be sure to come back tomorrow for some Tutorial Good-ness!

XxOo~ Melissa


  1. hooray! thanks for having me:)

  2. Thanks for being a Guest Poster... you rock!

  3. Oh I'm so glad you had my friend Gina as a guest today. I'm one of her biggest fans. She's such a sweetie pie! I love social media
    But am lacking in the facebook area ( fan page for sweetjeanette)--need to concentrate more in that area I guess.
    Thanks again for the great guest post!


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