Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Q & A with an Inspiring Chick [Shop Anniversary Celebration Week]

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I hope you are enjoying the Party this week!  I am so glad you are following along while I celebrate my SoChick Shop's 1 Year Anniversary!

If you've missed anything so far, be sure to check here, here, and here, to get in the loop!

Today I'm sharing a sweet gal with a super inspiring blog.  She wears her heart on her sleeve and is beautiful all around... if you've not yet 'met' Casey Wiegand, you need to hop over to her space and check out what she's got going on at TheWiegand's.

I love her style, creativity and of course her adorable family; I applaud her and her husband for taking a risk and re-opening their Art Studio 'A Little Artsy'.  She is doing with Art what I dream of one day doing with fabric and sewing... teaching, and encouraging a younger generation, as well as her peers, to embrace their creativity.

After reading her Leap of Faith post, I took my own leap of faith and e-mailed Casey asking if she'd be interested in participating in my Celebration week... I was completely honored when she said "Yes" and was willing to do a quickie Q & A...

SoChick: Since starting your blog in January (2011), it has seen a lot of growth.  How has blogging helped you to also grow as an artist?
Casey Weigand: It has! I have met so many inspiring and encouraging people and it truly has helped my inspiration for paintings as well! The blogging community has been such a sweet blessing in my life!

SC: Your family business, A Little Artsy, helps children discover their creativity through art... What words of encouragement do you have for Everyday Chicks out there who want to explore their creative side, through art, sewing, crafting, etc., but don't really know where to start?
CW: I think people think that art needs to look a certain way sometimes. We are all artists though and all have something to offer the world! Don't be afraid to do so!

SC: What is a fun "Bet you didn't know" fact about yourself?
CW: Ohhh I love these! Um let's see I am terrified of roller coasters and love hershey bars :).

Thank you, Casey!  And thank you to all of you who are reading and following... I am working hard today, my Birthday, so that I may have new items to share at the Art Walk in Downtown New Bern, NC this Friday (from 5-8pm) and also so that I may re-stock my shop for you!  You are going to love the new fabrics I'm using for fall!

Come back tomorrow for Guest Post from another awesome chick who's going to give us her perspective on running a handmade business with kids... See you tomorrow!

XxOo~ Melissa


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