Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up [Lowcountry Therapy at Fripp Island, SC]

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It's been intense in my house lately, to say the least.  School is in full swing as is Gymnastics and Girl Scouts for my 8yr old (Though we missed our first meeting... for shame!), I am enjoying the New Bern Farmer's Market, which I will be attending bi-weekly so that I can keep up with supply; I also have more custom orders coming in, which makes me, and the recipients, very happy!  All of this would be fine if a dumb house fire wasn't thrown into the mix a few weeks ago...

Our dryer caught fire while we were in bed the same night our power came back on after Hurricane Irene.. oh the irony.  After waiting for insurance paperwork and whatnot, we are finally at the point where we are able to start working on the re-model of our downstairs.  This has been a bit of a headache as you can imagine, which is why our weekend away to Fripp Island, SC was well needed, and well deserved!

Nothin' like the Lowcountry to calm your soul...

Here is my Weekend Wrap-Up in Instagram (and iPhone) photos:

Frippin' 2011
We typically spend a week at Fripp in early August, but this year we went in March and took a mini-trip to Savannah, GA.

This weekend was to celebrate my Hubby's 31st B-day, which was Friday, Sept 16th.
Frip is Flip Flops & Golf Cart rides!
My Birthday present from my Mother In-Law: Stitch Magazine and Amy Butler's Style Stitches book... woot! (She's a sewing geek like yours truly. *wink*)

Johnson Creek Tavern... yum.

The Hubs and I

 Fripp Island is also a Wildlife Sanctuary...
Got Buck?

Old Sheldon Church

Cotton... before becoming the fabric of my life.
All of the cotton fields are blooming here in North Carolina; I love driving past the fields and seeing the Cotton Gins.  I really love explaining to my 8year old daughter that these fields and Gins are the starting point for all of the cotton products made in the USA... the fabrics I rely on in my business, rely on these farmers and they rely on us... {that gives me goospebumps}.

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