Thursday, September 8, 2011

Real Tips for Balancing your Handmade Business & Family [Shop Anniversary Celebration Week]

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Today I have Andrea here to share how she balances her handmade business, Bubblewrapp'd, with her family and home life... after reading her post you will understand why I adore Andrea's real-ness... she's so fun to follow on Twitter for that very reason!

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Hola SoChick readers!

Melissa was so sweet to ask me to guest post! I'm thrilled to be here to be a part of her {Shop Anniversary Celebration Week}!

I'm Andrea from Bubblewrapp'd!
I have an awesome hubby {who also happens to build me super awesome things!}, two little {stinker} boys. They are 5 and 4. Although now they are closer to being 6 and 5...

 They are 12 months and 2 weeks apart.

 Yes. They keep me very very very busy.

 I started Bubblewrapp'd late last year thanks {mostly, and really, completely} to my husband's encouragement.

 I've loved creating things for as far back as I can remember, and so, with his encouragement, "Bubblewrapp'd" came to be.

 My shop includes wood blocks with bright, fun colors, and motivational, inspirational, or just fun sayings to decorate your life!

 Melissa mentioned that she would like for me to talk about how I balance running Bubblewrapp'd while managing my family.

 I've thought about my "balancing" for a couple of days, and here's what I've got for you.

 A few definitions of the word "balance" are:
So, if we go with definition #2, "balance" is a means of judging or deciding".

 Which is the exact definition I would use for the "balance" I have with running Bubblewrapp'd while managing my family. 

I judge and decide each day where my priorities for that particular day need to be.

 Something wins every day, and something doesn't quite win {although I wouldn't exactly say it looses either}. It's a fact. It's how it has to be.

  I cannot do everything in every day.

 Some days, my priority is on getting my boy's situated with school, and with being at school with them. Volunteering, etc.

 Some days, my priority is a order from my shop. Completing, and shipping that order or orders.

 Some days, my priority is on my house. Cleaning, organizing, or CLEANING.

 Some days, my priority is on grocery shopping for my family.

 Some days, my priority is on MY SANITY. Which usually means a trip to Target at 8 am with Starbucks in hand, on a weekday.

 Some days, my priority is laundry.

 Not all of these can be a priority together on the same day.
 It's just not possible.
 It's insane to think that's possible.

Because, in between a particular day's "priority", is still the normal routine....

 Drop off's, pick-ups, phone calls, emails, bills, the unexpectedness of life, you know, the stuff that you don't "plan" on.

 Some days, the dishes get done in my house.
 Some days they don't. Some days the laundry gets done {and put away}.
 Some days it doesn't.
Some days I make a {mostly} from-scratch dinner.
Some weeks I order pizza delivery twice in one week.
Some days I remember the papers that need to be signed for school.
Some days they get signed one day later.

 Some days I respond to emails the moment I get them.
Some days, they have to wait.

 Some days I have to deal with the unexpected.
 Some days I don't.

 Some days the coffee works for me.
 Some days it doesn't.

 My points are these...

 You cannot win everything every day.
You cannot do everything every day.
You cannot be everything every day.

 You just can't.
 Accept it, deal with it. Move on.

 Some days you do some things great, while other things that you do suck.

 Some days you suck at several things, but you do some things very well.

 That's the balance, friends.
 Accept it.
 You cannot be great at all things everyday.
 Do your best.
 Try your hardest.
 Strive for excellence in every area of your life.

 Accept your weaknesses.
 Accept that you are not perfect.
 Accept that you need people to help you.
 That's the balance I try to have.
* * *

Thanks, Andrea!  

Come by tomorrow as I close out my Celebration week with a GiveAway  from another Handmade shop I ""!!

XxOo~ Melissa


  1. What a fantastic post Andrea :) Love it and you. Thanks for having Andrea on your blog Melissa!

  2. Great post Andrea! You couldn't have said it any better. Juggling our time between business, home, children and ourselves is rough, but there are priorities each and every day. And, every day those priorities are going to be different. I need to bookmark this post to remember some of the things you've said though, when I'm having a frustrating day.

  3. Loved this post. I couldnt have said it better myself. Thank you :)


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