Friday, January 6, 2012

The [Idea] Notebook, Why You Need One

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If you sew, crochet, knit, craft, blog, or do anything you are passionate about and enjoy, you really should invest in a notebook for your thoughts. {Write that down, then keep reading for the Why}

I can't tell you how many times I have sat down to my sewing machine to start a project and my mind starts thinking of all of these great projects I can do next... before I'm even a dozen stitches into whatever it is I'm currently making.  My Notebook can tell you, though.

I am sure to keep it handy when I'm doing just about whatever and have gotten into a great habit of hunting it down when an idea pops into my head.

I will admit that I have more than one notebook, yep, I have about three.  True story! 

[My Go-to Gal]

This is my number one notebook, she's got divided sections that hold everything from business goals to sewing patterns, measurements and solid (to-do) ideas.  She's the one who sits on my cutting table while I prep, and next to my machine as I sew.  I have sketches in this notebook from the very first days of SoChick!, if not earlier! Like I said, Go-To. Gal.

[The Everything Notebook] 

  I always keep a brainstorming notebook, this would probably be all that I would use if I wasn't running my own sewing business and blogging (and if I was less neurotic about being organized... I'm a Virgo, ya know, that's how we roll.) This notebook is a jumble of ideas, if I have an idea for a DIY project, a bag design, fabrics, blogging, a sewing lesson, a to-do list... it all gets written in here.  I periodically go through and weed out the keepers and non- keepers.  The keepers I write in my Go-To Gal. See Above.  Or in my Blog "Planner". Keep reading.

[The Blog "Planner"]

Finally, because I do blog, I have a blog planner aka notebook.

I keep my ideas for posts in here when they come to me, I date the page, write up an outline and check it off when it's been scheduled or posted.

About once a week I will go through my blog notebook and 'schedule' my posts, typically writing them down on the calendar in my "Busy Mom" Planner:

The Idea Notebook is a great way to:

- Organize your thoughts:

- Set and track your Goals

- Reflect on what you've done and where you want to go. (Seriously, when you look back in your notebook, it feels great to see all of the projects you've checked off... because then you know it's time to dream up more!)

- Free up your brain!  Those ideas are floating around and trying to get out, set them free... in your notebook, and get back to them when it's convenient for you.

This quote is on my blog notebook, I love it.

XxOo~ Melissa


  1. Great idea Melissa! I love the blog planner notebook especially. I've tried to keep a Google Calendar for my blog but it doesn't have the same effect as a hard copy notebook. That adorable comp book inspired me and I'll be buying one tonight for organizing my blog and writing projects! xoxo

  2. I really enjoy writing in my notebooks, not only do my ideas seem to flow better, it gives my eyes a break, too. ;-) Happy New Year, Jacki!

  3. I've had my blog for a year now, and just started a notebook about what I want to post & ideas that I have. It's amazing how it helps you focus in more. Great idea to share with your readers!

  4. By the way, I'd like to follow you on facebook, but can't find your page. When I click on your facebook button, it doesn't take me there?

  5. I am so glad I read this. I was trying to simplify with one planner, but seriously who the heck has access all the time to one planner and it seems it feels like wearing a invisible straight jacket when my mind has ideas.


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