Friday, January 20, 2012

My Journey: Sewing to SoChick! [Part 2]

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Thanks for coming back to read more about my Sewing Journey [Part2]!  (If you missed it, please read Part 1, Here)

[Feeding the Addiction]

For Christmas of 2008, I was given the most awesome gift a newly addicted sewer could ask for: a sewing/embroidery combo machine!  [Read about my Singer Futura, Here]   This new darling and I were going to quickly become great friends and embark on an awesome adventure.

With my new machine, I began making bags and embroidered gifts for friends and family, then my friends started asking if they could buy bags from me to gift to their friends and family! I loved experimenting with patterns and tweaking them with my ideas; I started a notebook to keep track of what I was doing and what I needed to improve on.

 In 2009, I started dreaming of what it would be like to leave my day job, working full-time at a local Animal Hospital (which I enjoyed, but not like I loved sewing!).  I also started planning how I could start a business and grow into it being a full-time opportunity, while allowing myself to be more available to my two daughters.

[SoChick! Handbags is Born]

Almost a year later, around Christmastime, 2009, things became pretty busy in the way of sewing handbags; it was also an eye-opener... between working 40hrs a week at my day job and coming home to work on orders for friends (not to mention caring for my family!), I realized I needed to seriously plan to make SoChick! happen in 2010, and that's what I did!

With a vision of creating beautiful handmade bags and accessories that are a part of our everyday lives, using fun and fresh fabrics; as well as a desire to encourage others to buy and create handmade... SoChick! was born.  Why "So Chick"?  Well, it started as a play on the term "So Chic",  when I hear Chic I think of class and sophistication, SoChick is simply the "Everyday Chic for Everyday Chicks"... timeless designs paired with fun/fresh fabrics from today's fabric designers, made for everyday women.  A way of showing that handmade is chic, functional and fashionable.

SoChick's Market Tote
I researched how to start a business, the licensing required & tax information (because it is important to do things the proper way!), I drew up a Plan, talked to my Husband and spent countless hours on the phone with both my Stepmother and Mother-In-Law (who continue to be so helpful in listening to my ideas and dreams); in August 2010 a series of events led me to take the leap... I left my job at the Animal Hospital and started SoChick! Handbags & Embroidery full-time.
SoChick's Perfectly Pleated Pouches
SoChick! has grown so much from day one; I completely enjoy being able to create my heart out, spend time with my children, and share my passion with all of you!  I am confident that 2012 will bring even more for this little business of mine... thank you for joining me in this journey!

Note: I am inspired by, and have learned a ton from, Lisa Lam of U-handblog; as well as Kim Kight and her website, "All Fabric, All The Time".  Both sites are well worth checking out if you love sewing and fabric!  

XxOo~ Melissa


  1. So great to hear your story! Your bags are great and I can't wait to see the new ones for summer!

  2. I love these posts!
    I love the case that your old sewing machine is in.
    I have a vintage machine that is on one of those tables.
    You are totally making me want to sew.

    1. Thanks so much! Xo! P.S.- Start Sewing Sistah! ;-)

  3. My blog is I tried to send you an email it wouldnt go through. I have my website forwarded to my blog as I am currently sold out! I am taking a couple of months off with it...I still get about 10-15 custom orders a I can work on other projects around the house. Plus to be honest...I need a break!!! lol

  4. I love your blogs, Melissa!
    You are definitely and inspiration to me! When I think about my crochet journey, the "coming home" poncho you helped me make is always a big part of me picking it up again. I wish I could sew the way you do, but I do believe that I should forever leave that to you! Countless wonky cloth diapers have proven that time and time again!


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