Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Shades! [My Completed Pinterest-Inspired DIY]

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Finally! Finally, finally, finally...I have finished the Roman Shades that I talked about doing, what seems like, forever ago.  And let me tell you... it feels Soooo grand to have this checked off of my DIY to-do list.  

What started as an idea to fix what my pup started turned into a necessity once we met with certain misfortune... throw in the holidays, and this project seemed it may never happen.

You can read about my original inspiration, and view the Pin, HERE.

The basic idea was to create custom Roman Shade-styled window treatments using fabric I love and mini-blinds.  The original idea is a no-sew, meaning you can just use good craft glue and make some blinds... easy peasy, right? Right... unless you are me and need to complicate your life.  Which, to me, isn't complicating, really... I think of it more as the "finishing touches"... or Icing on the cake?  I just like to have a more tailored look.

Anyway, here's what I changed from the original Pin:

I pressed and hemmed my fabric to be 1/2in wider than my blinds.  I'm not crazy about folding the fabric to the back of the blinds to glue, mostly because I'm one of those people who think about what the folks walking past my house may think.  (Note: I do not think there is a problem with folding the fabric to the back, it is just not my preference... don't judge me *wink*)

I then glued the top of my fabric to the top rail** of the mini blinds and marked for the slats every 9inches all the way down the fabric.  (This means I only needed 5 slats plus the bottom bar.)

**I glued to the back side of the top rail, meaning once my shades are mounted, the cord and little hook for the turning rod (that you don't need) will be on the window side.  This makes for a smooth finish to the front of my blinds.

Then, using fabric glue, and my trusty pointer finger, I smeared glue all along the convex side of the mini-blind slats, working with one at a time and keeping clear of the space the cord passes through. (I'd say I left 1/2in to either side of the cord, free of glue.)

I then aligned the edge of the slat with the 9inch marks and carefully rolled them onto the flat, smooth fabric.

I pressed the slat to the fabric then gently rolled up my fabric and slats so that I could smooth and press (with my hands, not an iron) the fabric on the front side of the slat as well.

Once I got to the bottom bar, I smeared the glue along the underside and short side of it and smoothed my fabric again... I trimmed off any remaining fabric.

I mounted them as I would normally install mini-blinds and here they are:

Aww, hi Marilyn! I mean, who? what? No, hunny, I don't see Marilyn on the couch! *wink* 

You must know by now that I loooove Amy Butler's Daisy Chain line and I looooove these shades.  They filter the light just enough, and the colors, the pattern... L-O-V-E.

I'm considering making a small valance to go across the top of them... what do you think?

I'm excited for the living room to be 100% finished, but that won't be until I get the sectional slip-covered... and that may take a while. *wink* 

Have you completed a Pinterest-Inspired DIY? Have you made your own version of these Roman Shades? Please tell me in the comments!

XxOo~ Melissa


  1. Love the shades!I don't think I'd worry about a valance. They look really sharp. Great job!

    1. Thanks!! I can hardly wait for the sofa to be covered and accent pillows, too. One of these days! :-)

  2. Wow! They turned out gorgeous! Love how they look in the room. And you're right, it looks like the sun filters through them just enough.

  3. Wow! Amy Butler + awesome colours = Fabulous! I plan on getting some roman blinds once we have finished renovating our kitchen/dining room. Maybe I could trying making them?!

  4. Thanks for linking up to the "About Me" party lady : )

  5. So cute and WAY better than mini blinds! You are a genius ;)

    1. Thanks Angie! I can't take full credit, I was inspired by Pinterest... I DO take credit for the awesome fabric choice tho, *wink* :)

  6. Fantastic shades...look so good in room....keep it up.
    Roman shades concord, ca


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