Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up [Craftsy BOM Progress]

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I hope you were able to enjoy the three day weekend... my 8yr old is back to school today, getting her up and ready this morning was a bit of a task.

I didn't take a full three days off, I decided to work on Saturday and also was able to send out SoChick's first newsletter of the new year! Are you signed up?  If so, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the newsletter; if not, feel free to subscribe under the "Newsletter" tab to the right.

On Sunday I worked on my personal sewing projects, my After Christmas Sew Along and my Craftsy Blocks of the Month (BOM).  I'm really enjoying the time spent on these two projects.  Because I spent time with the BOMs, I didn't get the entire top of my Sew Along project finished, but I'm sure I will this weekend.. then I can layer it and start quilting it! Woo Hoo!

I watched my Craftsy lesson earlier in the week and printed the instructions for the January blocks so that I could work on them Sunday.

Here are my Craftsy blocks for January:

Asterisk Block

Wonky Pound Sign Block
If you haven't checked out the Free Craftsy BOM Lesson, and are interested in learning to quilt... you need to sign up! (Click on the Craftsy block to the right, under "What's Stitchin'", that will bring you to the sign-up page).  I'm really enjoying the discussions and seeing everyone else's progress as well.  Also, you can check out my Craftsy Profile and follow me, HERE.

* * *

It's going to be a busy couple of weeks of sewing, sewing, sewing, at SoChick! Handbags!  

I finally received my wholesale order and am getting busy finishing up the products for The Shop's re-opening (Monday, January 30th)!!  I am SO excited for you to see the fabric combos and designs I've picked, fun and fresh inventory for "Everyday Chicks"!  I'm also anxious to get the shop opened so I can move onto my next SoChick! project of 2012... but, I'm not telling you what that is yet; I promise it's exciting stuff! (Especially if you currently sew or are learning... okay, that's enough hinting! *wink*)

* * *

I have a fun "Featured" post planned for tomorrow,  I urge you to come by and check it out, you may find the next blog for your reader or some great handmade goodies!

XxOo~ Melissa


  1. Oooh....i am so signing up!!! I too have a bag business...love it but boy is it hard work!!! Especially when you do everything on your own. I got into 3 stores this past fall and it was seriously 12 hour days of sewing...EVERDAY!!! Love your blog...wished you lived closer...id be proposing a partnership ;-)

    1. Hi Christina! Thanks for visiting and I hope you do sign up for the BOM, I'm totally enjoying it! :-) I hear ya on the hard work, haha.. so worth it though! Are you online as well? I'd love to visit your shop/site! Email me sometime melissa(at)sochickhandbags(dot)com . :-)


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