Thursday, August 4, 2011

Inspiration Workshop [Week 10: A Day in My Life...]

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This week's prompt sort-of goes hand in hand with my Monday post, i'm doing a lot of talking about me this week, huh?! *wink*
The Prompt:
A Day in My Life

Summer vacation is winding down, and the anxiety that comes with the start of school, fall, the holidays, craft fairs, etc... is just around the corner... I know it!

Here is a typical day in my SoChick life:

Hubby gets up for work and leaves by 7am, I try to roll out of bed by 6:45am because I know little Natalie will be up any minute... not a late sleeper, that one.

First things first: COFFEE

Once the coffee situation is taken care of (usually while it's brewing), I let the pups out:

Wait, JACK!, You're not allowed out...
He knows this, that's why he's not looking at me... 4 out of 7 mornings include me grabbing sneaky Jack Bauer from running out into the yard.  He's known to beat up the neighborhood strays (doing his 'job', I guess).  He's even come home with another cat's claw stuck in his head... true story!

Next, I feed the animals and grab a bite to eat myself, if Natalie isn't up yet... today she was not.

I have gotten into a terrible habit of not eating breakfast right away in the morning, which I pay for come 10am... this morning I had a fresh peach with cottage cheese, Yummmm!

I'm pretty much always multi-tasking in some way, this morning it was by playing with Conrad while eating b-fast:
Yes his toy is pink, he took it from his big sister, Marilyn... don't judge. *wink*

Natalie woke up around 7:15am and came down to have some peaches and cottage cheese, too:

Then she had a yogurt smoothie, but you'd never know by looking at her, Ha!:

Once Trista rolls out of bed and has breakfast, it's to the computer to review e-mails, update the day's To Do list, and blog while the little chicks play.

Then, it's shower and getting ready for the day... usually all of this happens by 9am.

Next, I'll get in about an hour in the studio to plan patterns, look at fabric, update and check off my To Do list (checking off is way more fun *wink*)

Lunch happens around 11:30am and so do the house chores.

We will typically run errands, take a drive to my Dad's, hit up the beach and what not, after lunch, if I'm not busy sewing... even if I am, we try to get out of the house at some point.

When we get home, we'll grab a snack, finish some house work and I'll bring my laptop to the kitchen to browse for fabric, answer e-mails, etc.

I like to start dinner around 6pm; Hubby makes it home between then and 7pm.

After dinner, the girls wash up and we all just chill out in the living room until they head to bed... which, since it's summer and all, has been too late lately!

If I have orders to get out, I'll head up to my studio once the girls are in bed and stay up as long as my eyes allow.  I try to keep a rule about not sewing when I'm too tired, because then seams come out all wonky, and I'll end up having to rip them out and redo them the next day anyway.

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

Want to know something else that's around the corner??  My 1 year Anniversary of being a full-time independent small biz owner!  Actually, yesterday marked one year from me leaving my full-time job to pursue my dream of owning my own business and being more available for my girls... Sept 1st is the Grand Opening Anniversary of my online shop... stay tuned!

XxOo~ Melissa


  1. Congrats on being a full-time independent small biz owner! I'm jealous :) Your day sounds great and Trista is adorable!!!

  2. Love that yogurt smoothie mustache! We have a Jack Baur dog too!! I found her yesterday walking down the street like she owned the neighborhood.

  3. I'm a multi-tasker too... sometimes it's not good :)

    Stopping by from Gussy!

  4. Ahhh..congrats on your Anniversary! So good that you are able to be home with your girls and do what you love. I left the corporate world over 2 years ago and haven't looked back once! I do not miss the stress or the 2 hour daily commute...ugh! My boys are all grown and out of the house but I still never have enough time in the day to do all that I want to do...or all that's on my list as well! Like you I make lists and LOVE to check things off as I get the done....keeps me accountable and gives me a feeling of accomplishment. Hope you have a wonderful week. Fondly, Roberta


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