Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Staying Organized [This Chick's Organizational Checklist]

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This week is the unofficial start of Busy Season in my house.  Sure, last week I was prepping for my first booth at the Farmer's Market, but this week marks the end of summer break and the beginning of:

~A New School Year (3rd Grade!!)

~Gymnastics (for both girls, Trista is now going 2x a week!)

~Girl Scouts

Let's not forget all of the events and holidays to plan for: Labor Day, My B-day (Sept 7th!), The Hubby's B-Day, Halloween (Yep!  Growing up in Sleepy Hollow, NY, Halloween was a HUGE deal, and I really do love it!), Thanksgiving... Christmas!!!

Needless to say, times like these call for some:


I thought it would be great as a reminder for myself, and any of you, to make a checklist of inspiring ways of keeping organized to make the most of our busy lives.  Here are some ideas, some I use, some I plan to use (and post about how they helped me!)... maybe you can find some that are helpful, too!

This Chick's Organizational Check-List

~The Busy Mom's ToDo List (check!)

 I keep this printable list, available at TheAttachedMama, on my fridge and it really helps me to stay on top of housework... which is uber important now that school is starting back up, since I will be back to juggling my business while entertaining my toddler (sans big sis as a helper), and running between school, gymnastics and girl scouting events.

~ A Centralized Command Center

  I kind-of, sort-of have this idea going on on the side of my refrigerator... just not as pretty and not as put together as the one in this picture. Ha!  I love the menu board, dry erase calendar and memo/magnetic chore charts... Three cheers for kids doing chores... hooray, hooray, hooray!

To the above, I would add folders for all of Trista's activities that require me to keep up with paper work, key hooks, and a spot for mail... and if I had the space in my home, i'd have this:

~ More Lists (even Wishlists!)

  I guess this is sort of similar to the first point, but lists are essential for getting me through a day of work and staying on top of my responsibilities.  However, when it comes to holidays or family events, I'm usually daydreaming about cute things to do (decorating, gifting, entertaining, etc) as the date sneaks up on me and i'm left thinking "Darn, I have no time... again.".
  This fall I'm taking lists out of the office (well... Studio in my case *wink*), and using them for everyday.
I'm making one for holiday decorating and gifting, as well as birthdays, and all of my wish lists as far as home decorating goes... I've been dying to paint the downstairs of our townhouse and always put it off!

~ Closet Organization

  I am forever trying to reinvent my linen closet, I even put sheet sets into their pillowcase to keep things tidy... that's about as far as I have gotten; I swear all of our closets are a mess.  Sure things are hung up, and you can open the doors without the fear of an avalanche, but it takes forever to find just about whatever it is I'm looking for... and fuhgeddaboutit in the girls' closet!

I'm going to try to find some inexpensive baskets and put them to work in all of our closets.

I'd love the girl's closet to look similar to this:

~5 Tips for Organizing your Elementary School Student
  Finally, this is a great post for helping manage all of the tons of school work my oldest chick-a-dee brings home on a regular basis! Check it out.

Well, I think those ideas are a great jumping-off point... I can't wait to start checking them off the list as completed... hopefully it'll help to keep things running smoothly!

Do you have any organizational tips to share?  Have you tried any of the ones I talked about?  Leave me a comment to tell me all about it! I love hearing from you!



  1. When we moved into our house, we spent a little extra to have a pro closet organizer come out and do our closets. He asked us questions about exactly what we would be storing, and how we use things. It's made a world of difference to have shelving designed for just how we need it. I need to try storing my sheets in the pillow cases though - great tip!

  2. I think i'll go that route in our next home. There are lots of things I'll do in my next home... haha. The pillow case thing really does keep stuff orderly and makes it easier to put things away and see whats available at a glance. Thanks! :-)


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