Saturday, August 13, 2011

The SoChick Sling [New Product Sneak Peek!]

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  When I have an idea for a new handbag or accessory design, I tend to go through a trial-and-error way of bringing my idea to fruition... several trials later.  Eek!  Probably this is because I am one with a get-it-done-now attitude; why sit and think something through when I can just do, right? Um, wrong... Since I'm in business for myself, I've had to learn to curb that habit to minimize waste and really think through my new product development.  I am so proud to say that from sketching the ideas for this handbag design on paper, to drafting a pattern, and executing it, the final product is exactly what I envisioned... the first time around. *wink*

Coming Soon for Fall: 
The SoChick Sling...

*Note: I reserve the right to change the name of this bag as its kind of a hybrid sling, slouch, bucket bag... which is what my brain was telling me.  Have any fun, fresh, and So Chick suggestions?

Do you remember the chevron fabric from this Fab.Fab.Friday post? Yep... that's how long this handbag has been brewing in my brain!

I've got quite a few fresh fabric combinations up my sleeve for this bag, which are sure to keep it "Everyday Chic for Everyday Chicks".

Plan to see this 'Sling' style in the shop very soon! 

Psst... I made sure to take lots of pictures while making this bag, they'll really come in handy when I write the PDF Sewing Pattern of this bag, too! Exciting, right?! *happy dance*

This is what I Love, this is where my passion lies... designing & sewing something new, and sharing it with you! 

Have a Fabulous Weekend!

XxOo~ Melissa


  1. Really, adorable! Can't wait to check out the pattern! (I'm such a bag lady! LOL)

  2. Thanks Jeanette! Glad you stopped by ;-)


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