Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My SoChick Studio Tour

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I love seeing creative spaces, I've been known to get lost in Pinterest while browsing the spaces of others... and I really love Studio Tours!

 I'll admit that when I officially started my business I had taken over our dining room which meant: no more dinners at the table, always looking at work, always keeping the kids and pets away from everything... Sigh, something had to give!

 We own a Three Bedroom Townhouse and have two little chicks... not a lot of room to work with.  One day the light bulb in my brain clicked, and once Natalie was old enough, we moved the girls together into one room.  I love my family for being so supportive of my work-from-home business!

You may have caught a few glimpses of my Studio here and here... with some re-arranging over time, I have come up with a system that really works for both my creativity and productivity.... So, without further adieu here's my So Chick! Home Studio Tour:

I love the Limonada green in this room. (Valspar paint from LOWES)

The girls' dresser doesn't fit in their room, which is fine with me because it allows for extra 'counter space' in the Studio.  I typically put prepped and ready to sew items on it.. I also keep notions available, ribbon and such, on a cute little tray which I talked about, here. On the other side of the dresser I have a wire rack where I keep my home dec weight fabrics and canvas, on top you can see my interfacing and interlinings.  I keep a bin with all of my scrap interfacings so that I have small pieces available as needed... I plan on organizing into ziploc baggies by type, that would really help with productivity as I wouldn't have to dig around, ha!  I also really like my rolling bin for fabric, easy to move around and I keep it organized by color.

Moving on...
I currently use a folding table for cutting and sewing.  This is the same table I use for craft fairs and my farmer's market.... when I find a decent table at a good price, I'll upgrade, for now this works just fine.

I love working by the window, which overlooks our backyard.
This calendar is a new addition, I picked it up in GA at a JoAnn store for 50% off... It's a framed piece of glass with a calendar painted on the back, you write(and wipe *wink*) on the front.  I used my hot glue gun to stick some white eyelet fabric (that I ruffled) to the back of the frame... it helps the writing to show up and  looks way pretty & shabby chic.

I don't actually sit at this little desk, but I keep all of my files here.  I also try to organize my monthly sales and receipts here... which makes it super easy to keep up with the books! (Which helps come tax time, plus it's also nice to see that you are actually making money, woot!)

This "Bee Sweet" coloring page hangs above my desk and was taped to the wall here for the longest time!  When I was pregnant with Natalie we were unsure of gender (she never cooperated at the Ultrasound), so we stayed neutral with colors... going with a bumble-bee theme for her room.  She really was a busy bee, always moving in my belly, still always on the go, and Trista colored this page for "baby Bee" and taped it to the wall...  Such a sweet Big Sis! I don't know that I'll ever take it down. :-)

I didn't have anywhere else to put the glider from when this room was Natalie's nursery, but that's okay, I love having it in here, and I love when Trista sits in it to read a book while I work, I'll also rock Natalie in it from time to time ♥ .   

You can also see my hanging shoe organizer that I've put on the back of the closet door... this holds everything from embroidery stabilizer, spray adhesive, rolls of vinyl, to rulers and piping cordage... Way handy!  In the closet, which I didn't photograph, I have a tall 5 drawer dresser that holds my embroidery thread cases, the embroidery unit for my machine and more fabric, of course *wink*.

Thanks for taking a look at my SoChick Studio! I love showing you where I work and having you 'visit'!



  1. I'm finally working on getting my own work space in the house after being inspired by other bloggers like you:) It's a tiny spot, but at least it's all mine. Hopefully it'll be finished soon!

  2. oh my. you are very organized. you put my little craft room to shame. And I never thought to use a shoe organizer to hold craft items.. what a wonderful idea. And just curious, do you cover your sewing machine? {is that something I should be doing after I use it?} I loved your studio tour!

  3. Your room is so pretty! Looks like a great use of space. I need to do a new tour of my studio, but it's such a chaotic mess right now....I dare not ;)

    1. I've tried to do my best to keep a work-friendly space with the limited amount of room (we have a 3 bedroom townhome). I'll be doing an updated tour at some point, since I have moved the dresser out and fabric & cutting table in, lol.


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