Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up [My Booth Set-Up and New Products]

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I had a lot of fun at the New Bern Farmer's Market this weekend.  I've been there several times as a shopper, but this was my first as a vendor.  I met some super nice people, learned that you can find me via Google (Yippie!), saw lots of sweet pups (note to self: bring doggie treats), and, since this was first time as a Vendor I just learned a lot for next time as well.

Here's my Farmer's Market Booth Set-Up:

I was going for a Boutique feel with my set-up and think I may have pulled it off... maybe?

 Notice that I was down to 1 biz card?! I kept putting them out, which is great!

 I'm thinking that next weekend I'll fill this table with some embroidered items... I ordered some new designs yesterday, and yes, I said next weekend! Eeeep! 

New Products:
Yep, there are some new items in The Shop, so head on over to check it out!  

Pssst... The SoChick Sling has received great feedback... it wont be in the shop for long... And, all of these are OOAK!

Off to gymnastics now with my little ones, this week starts a super busy season for us! 

Did You Know:
You can Network with SoChick?! From Button Swaps (aka Advertising!), to Feature Posts and GiveAways... I'd love to work with you. Check it out, Here!

Have a wonderful Monday!

XxOo~ Melissa


  1. Love it!!! Everything looks FAB!!!So glad you had a great turn out!

  2. It looks super cute! Great job:)

  3. I LOVE the booth! You really did a great job making your booth look professional AND classy, which can be very hard to pull off in a setting like that. I have a vendor fair in a couple months and will be referring to your ideas...thanks ;)

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